Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pregnant in Heels

Anyone obsessed with Bravo like me? I could TOTALLY give up ALL other channels as long as I can keep Bravo...I admit I used to be obsessed with all the house wives shows and then I realized its the worst thing in the world I could be putting in my head as I am about to be a mom who will not have a personal assistant and full time nannies...anyone back to my point...hubs and I enjoy many shows like millionaire match maker and Bethenney ever after but me...I am OBSESSED with Pregnant in Heels...

A. because I have learned all kinds of things about baby-proofing
B. because Rosie Pope is presh
C. because no matter how many books you read, or how big of a staff you have, or how mommy natured you are...every woman has fears entering into motherhood.

Every mom struggles with the body changes, delivery anxieties, future unknowns and the overwhelming feeling that you wont be enough for the baby.

Some updates....

ANy moms out there struggling to get protein down? Welcome to your solution...I drink a boost high protein, chocolate flavored every morning and its 15 grams of protein. I put it on ice or blend it with ice and its scrumptious!!

Next favorite thing....these vitamins you can find at whole foods...its a gummy little treat and full of omegas! Thanks Lou Lou for introducing me!!

Besides my amazing husband surprising me with a PRE NATAL MASSAGE and a little shopping spree for my first mothers day, this also made my day...Do I not work with the sweetest ladies ever!!!?

And for you non-facebookers- say hello to 6 months pregnant Dana Douthit...its pretty CRAZY!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you momma's out respect for you has gone WAYY up!!