Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey bloggies,

HAPPY EASTER!! Hubs and I have been celebrating since Thursday when my pretty pretty sister came in town from Tech! Love this girl!

She is a junior in nursing school at Tech and the most focused student I have ever seen. I wish I loved school as much as Gu does. Anyway we hung out with her, saw Water for Elephants (LOVEd but you must read the book!), got pedicures, shopped, and went to church friday night. Hubs didnt get to do all of these things because he was keeping the city safe during most of these times.

Meet my perfect niece Blakely on the day she was born....

Now Check HER OUT!
O.M.G the cutest little bunny on the glad we got to spend Easter with her and fam!

Then I made these delicious can find the super easy recipe HERE from my friend Erynn's blog
Chicken wraps...Jeffy and I LOVED these!!!
Say hello to the sweetest gift ever....I co-lead a small group of AMAZING SMU freshman and they threw me a little bebe shower and we painted these onesies...this is them drying in the back of my car. I love them.

So that is what I have been up to lately...

The Lord has been working on me too. This becoming a mom thing is SUCH a refinement process. So many selfish desires have been revealed to me and the Lord is teaching me to release them. As my body changes and I grow out of each pair of jeans I fight the lie that its a bad thing, and at the same time I have to fight the lie that I can eat everything in sight. I find myself driving down the road and imagining my baby in the back...and the fact that in just 4 months I WILL SEE a baby back there. I feel so undeserving of this bundle and sometimes not enough for he/she as well. It does make me however, so thankful for a father who loves me and gives me ALL that I need. So refreshing.

Well I am off to visit THIS lady tomorrow in HUNTSVILLE and can't wait. She was one of the most influential people in my during college and I lOVE that we have kept up!

More blogging to come!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

21 weeks...

Hi Friends and happy 21 weeks to Baby D...


Baby D has double his/her activity. He/she likes to kick momma's attention at about 10am (I think while deep in dreams) and then around 10am until 2am like he/she is at the circus...

I am soo sure its a boy that I would be quite shocked if it was a girl so you will probably start hearing me call he/she just he. Dont get me wrong...a girl would make my world but so would this little boy that I think is growing right now!

I popped out in weeks 19-21...crazy. SO crazy. I am officially wearing maternity clothes and a few of my old pants...but not many.

I have packed up most shirts in my closet...mostly because we are moving in a month but also because none of it will be on me this summer.

We started registering...which is a ball.

I started a baby journal I call, "Dear little one" so they can know all kinds of things about me to read some day...I always thought it would be fun.

I eat, sleep, dream nursery decor...and researching product reviews and best selling baby products...

Here is a small growth chart...

 11 bump just showing you my little lime
 12 weeks0 forcing evidence of a bump!
 14 weeks- it has arrived!
 18 is being stubborn
 20 weeks!!! Hi baby bump and first maternity shirt from my sweet high school bestie- Amanda!
20 weeks- baby is the length of a banana....loving every minute of this sweet gift from the Lord.

Half way there and it FLEW by...bring on the move, hot summer, and then my sweet little one!!