Thursday, October 25, 2012

School of Rox- 12-15 months

Fox my love. What an eventful 3 months it has been since your birthday. You have truly developed your own personality and WE LOVE IT. I might say that at every milestone but I really mean it this time.

12 months-
LOTS of...
anger bursts
and also...

With each step you get more sassy you also get sweeter. You are our little sour patch.

At 12 months you switched to milk and completely solids (mom was a little late in the game) and YOU FINALLY STARTED LIKING FOOD. BIG MOMENT.

At 12 months you switched to one bottle a day, the rest of your liquids were whole milk and water.

At 12 months you were 19 pounds and still anemic so we are still doing iron.

At 12 months you stood confidently but no steps, and shakily pushed your push toys...but crawled like a maniac.

Now at 13 months- you started to push your push toys very confidently and you pushed them every where.

At 13 months you began to hate the shopping cart so mom had to get creative.

At 13 months you switched to one 11am nap and then turned into a terror at 6pm.

At 13 months you started saying lots of real words and copping MAJOR attitude. Eye rolls, closing eyes and pushing mom or dad away, throw yourself rolling on the ground tantrums, and scowling at strangers you don't know (probably the funniest).

14 months- magic happened. You sign like crazy- more, all done, milk, thank you, again and please. You say hot, cold, cheese, please, keys, woof woof, puppy, and BOLT. Oh yes love. You are obsessed with Bolt. 

I have to document this story for you, because it was all you. That is the part I love. Oh and we had an allergic week and found out milk was not your thang. You know do almond milk and dairy free happenings.

One day when we thought we were recording one of your allowed morning shows but Bolt was actually showing so we accidentally recorded it and it played. You fell in love. NEVER EVER would you sit still in front of a TV and you fell in love. So I bought the DVD for a car trip and the movie you love but the DVD case is your new bestie. It travels with us, naps with you and is your love. You talk to it, play with it and love it. Its already broken and tattered. In the spirit of this, I am making you a Bolt costume as we speak for Halloween. You are going to be a zebra for your school halloween day and hopefully Bolt for trick or treating.

You unfortunately eat like your dad. This means you dont like flavor. You dont like any sauces, any veggies, and change your mind on meat daily. You still eat squeeze packs of pureed vegetables since this is the only way you will eat them. You would chose your diet to be 100% veggie straws, rice cakes, fruit strips and mandrin oranges if you had your choice. Good thing you dont.

You are also sweet. Oh so sweet. You give kisses, nose kisses, hugs, sweet face touches and cuddles. We have the sweetest moments reading and playing and laughing at the things you talk about and imagine. You are such a talker. My love your dad and I love to be around you and just adore you. What a gift. Thank you for your spunk, boldness, passion, and laughs. You humble me and make me feel more blessed than I ever imagined I would as a mother. I treasure you.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Case of the Tuesdays

Tuesdays really use to get me when I worked full time... at a desk... in an office.

I even obnoxiously loved my job. But Tuesdays. Yikes. Why? I have concurred it is because have SO much of the week left and you are still tired from adjusting back on Monday.

But now as a mom I work 7 days a week and never sleep in since fox wakes at 6:30-7am most days. I don't mind it. I've always been an early riser. I have actually grown to love the early morning because it is such a sweet time for solitude or personal time. Whether its time in my bible, time with God, time with my girl friends at cross fit, time to read, or time to write, or time to take a long shower too. Those were the days right? Anyway early morning can be good. I think the other part I value is the discipline. I am a lover of disciplines. I guess it's the first born in me, but I love doing things that are not easy to do. That looked obnoxious as I just read it. It isn't meant to be. That is just part of my personality. I enjoy being challenged.

All that to say- here are some good, thought provoking reads I found this week to solve a good case of the Tuesdays.
  • As a mom, do you find it hard to live out your childhood dreams? I don't mean the dream of being a mom- I always dreamed of being a mom and I thank God every day for the gift, but the other stuff. The stuff that makes you who you are and the stuff that makes our kids dream and aspire for big goals? I am thankful I had a mom who lived her life. Who traveled, got a masters, learned new trades, mastered several different kinds of careers and all the while was highly involved in my life. I thought this blog was a good jump start on how to focus some goals.

  • Mommy hood can be hard. Have you ever been at a park, or the mall, or anywhere really and wished you would have talked to another mom there alone? I have kicked myself a few times and this made me decide to commit to talking to them in the future.
  • I have been doing cross fit for 6 months and I still cant kip on pull ups. I am watching this in hopes that THIS WILL BE THE MONTH!
  • Read my friend's AMAZING story of how they paid off some serious debt. Inspired by them DAILY.
Happy Tuesday!

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh. Hello.

Fall=crazyness in our house and August kicked off the crazy.

We have been re-arranging furniture for our ALMOST walking 13 month old and for momma who is sewing and dying for J&R all the time!

We have been celebrating lots of friends birthdays!

We have been enjoying our FIRST bit of cold with fun runs, coffee walks with Aunt Gu that now lives across the street!!

Lots of work events for both the officer and I so we have been having lots of family meetings and communicating to make sure we are on the same page and have child care covered.

We have been getting even more into Cross Fit here. We love it. We drink the koolaide in a huge glass every week. We just cant get enough of it.

Amending Paleo a little bit after the Officer got a high cholestrol report back. But still really enjoying the diet and the recipes I have found. I made this and this for our new paleo recipes this week and cant wait to make these over the weekend.

Its been a harder few months. Juggling it all. Sometimes that green monster creeps in and makes me wish things were different. Or wish that things were "easier". But everyone does that right? The Lord has really been teaching me contentment in ANY season and this book has been a huge resource. Ultimately though I have to find my significance and security in the Lord. Nothing else. Big lesson.

Its been a month of learning as well. My scattered brain has finally put some systems in place and I thank this bestie because she is an organized super mom who is always full of ideas. I tend to be more free-spirited than I ever imagined and really I am often still in denial about it so it creates some issues for me.
I mean look at my little grown up!!? Can you believe!?

If you follow my etsy shop at all CHECK us out this week! We are offering free shipping all week with the coupon code 100orders at check out. We reached 100 orders and we want to share the excitement! Click here to visit our shop!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What we have been busy doing....

Wow. I can't believe how much time can just slip away from you. But here is a quick recap of ALL that we have been up too...
Trying on our big girl back pack for school!
Eating on plates like a big girl and LIKING IT!
Getting our fall line up at Jacks and Roxanne- this is the ROX STAR DEAL OF THE WEEK!
Lounging in princess lawn chairs...
Going to tea parties for our besties...and looking more and more like the officer.
Special day lunches with mom and dad.
Working on fall tutus! Perfect to match Halloween and thanksgiving outfits!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A one year old alright...

It was a great first birthday!! Started some fun traditions, played our first princess, celebrated with her sweet little friends at our church. Donuts and cookies which she chewed and then spit out and great family time. These are some instagrams documenting her big day and one year check up!

She is my little thang:
19.2 pounds
29 inches long

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School of Rox - ONE year

I feel its appropriate that I begin writing this post at about the moment I started pushing a year ago at this time? To much information? Ha, I talk about it candidly because I am thankful for a picture perfect delivery. I really feel spoiled and realize I probably won't have another one like it, but then again maybe I will. If you are curious about this. You can read her birth story here. I did indeed get an epidural and I wouldn't change a thing. We got to hang out with all our friends and family, comfortably and peacefully just moments before I started pushing. If you know Officer and I- this is the dream. Its not for everyone but we are both extroverts who love being in a crowd.

Now. To my love. Fox you should know, as your dad and I talked last night about your birthday (I cried of course), we both feel like the day you arrived was the greatest day we have ever had together. Not even our wedding tops it (and we had a great wedding). To bring you into the world with the dearest people in the world surrounding us was priceless. You are a part of an amazing family and you got to feel that the day we welcomed you.

Now you are one. GULP. Here are your letters on each of the other months of your first year of life:

1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months

Why we named you Roxanne Renee

Fox- you are a blast. I do not have words to describe the joy you bring to our life.

At 1 year you...

-crawl at lightning speed
-push things with a small walk but no walking yet
-leap off everything you can
-LOVE the water
-LOVE your dolls
-LOVE bracelets and watches
-talk on the phone
-say: DAD-T, momma, hi, bye, no, yes, cheese, dolly, woof and a whole lot of jibber jabber
-will do a "WOO" when aunt gu and grammy do it (this is hilarious for a family of woo girls)
-play tea with mommy (mostly you stuff the fake food in my mouth and think its so funny)
-LOVE reading books
-LOVE your circus tent and all tents in general
-Have such a sweet heart for animals- you talk in a high voice to all of them
-throw about 5 temper tantrums before breakfast
-do not eat much
-LOVE mandarin oranges, peaches, carrots, pears, mum mums, and sweet potatoes
-give kisses
-give hugs
-play by yourself so well
-play with kids pretty well
-sleep 12 hours
-MOST days you nap two times decent
-have stolen our hearts

I pray that you continue to grow healthy, that you see God in your dad and I and that you make Jesus your own Savior one day. We love you so much lamby.


mom and dad

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our first giveaway!!!

We are so excited!! Go on over to Sew Sweetness and enter our Jacks and Roxanne giveaway!! Sweet Sara from Chicago has a great blog and we are thrilled to be on it!

Isagenix Cleanse & Before and After

As I have mentioned I participated in an Isagenix Cleanse case study. My cleanse case study will be up on this site soon, but I will also share a lot of the details here.

Back in April, when Officer and I started Cross Fit, we decided to go big or go home. Its our style, so we started doing Paleo 6 days a week with a few modifications, and a cheat day on Saturdays. After two months of this, and 2 months of Cross Fit we both went down a size, lost noticeable weight and were noticeably more toned. Who wouldn't love that?

In June we started the Whole30 challenge with our Cross Fit gym. It included a point system and a victory prize for the most intense participant. Officer and I decided to keep up with our points but not enter for the prize. You would get your money back if you made it to a certain place. This seemed a little intimidating for us so we decided to do points but no cash. The first few days were horrific. I gave up diet coke for the first time in 3 years and had to drink coffee with NO sugar in it, just unsweetened almond or coconut milk...this was devastating at first. I took a road trip the first weekend on this diet and it literally sucked the fun out of the whole trip.

After week 2 when I felt like I had a handle on the cravings, I decided to do the Isagenix 9 day cleanse. Why?

1. I had never done a cleanse and some of my friends who have told me they are life changing.
2. A year ago I was talking with an older friend and I asked her what I had to do to look and feel the way she did at her age. She said, do the isagenix cleanse once a year, it will change your life.
3. I had plateaued a little bit and I knew I could make some more changes but didn't know where, so this was a good jump start.

The cleanse looks like this:

Phase one: drink cleanse for life liquid and water every 4 hours, snack on their sugar wafers or a list of approved snacks. (Days 1-2)
Phase two: Drink 2 meals in shakes of Isalean and then one approved meal with sugar wafer snacks and the approved list. (Days 3-7)
Phase three: Drink cleanse for life liquid and water every 4 hours, back on their sugar wafers or a list of approved snacks. (Days 8-9)

So with all that, I started the cleanse. I started the cleanse at 138 pounds. The first 2 days were almost unbearable. Nothing to drink but water, not even black coffee for 9 days? This was a very mentally hard time, but also great to work on this discipline. I lost 4 pounds the first day so I went to the next phase from there so I would not lose too much weight. I was after all doing cross fit during this and wanting to tone more than drop pounds. I completed 5 days of cross fit while doing the cleanse, some days were harder than others but over all my energy went up. I consumed more of the approved cleanse snacks than most people who have done the cleanse did, and I think that was mainly due to the high activity work outs I was doing. I lost 4 pounds during this cleanse, and most people who have done it lose even more than that but it was life changing.

1. I have now substituted my morning coffee for decaf most days so I am not dependant on caffeine
2. I have an Isagenix shake every morning. I love it. It is 23 grams of protein and packed full of vitamins.
3. I have cleansed which is indeed a dedicated period of time. That is all I am going to say on that. :)
4. I experienced a few leg cramps and pain during this period of time that helped me determine serious vitamins I am lacking.
5. I learned as I brought food back that sweets are a major problem for me.

What did all this healthy change reveal to Officer and I? Our insanely unhealthy relationship with food. Yikes. We started seeing so many red flags. For one, Officer lost an additional 10 pounds for cutting dairy from his diet even on cheat day (he kept his cheat day through the first month of June). We learned how these unhealthy habits were associated to acne break out, stomach aches, weight gain, bloating, fatigue, and our need for caffeine. 

This was March 2012 before we started Cross Fit, Paleo, and the Cleanse

This is June 2012 right after finishing the cleanse.

These do not show the difference that well, but hopefully you can see that it was definitely noticeable! When I look at these pictures of me. My mind is blown, when I see the Officer its double blown. He has lost 18 pounds. EighTEEN. We have made changes that make our life look totally different and I don't think we could ever go back. We LOVE Cross Fit. We drink a big glass of the cross fit koolaid so if you have any questions about it, let me know! We love talking about it.

Some people have also asked about the amount of meat we eat and wondered how we don't gain weight from that. I think different diets are cut out for different bodies and different genetics. Some people can't eat a lot of meat and some people can. It has been so great for us. I don't think its for everyone but we learned how we are both greatly affected by even small amounts of sugar, dairy and paleo is ideal for us. We now do 6 days a week paleo with occasional splurges. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's in Fox bag?

This is one of my favorite posts to read from fellow bloggers. Whether the bag belongs to a mom, a fashionista, a baby, a runner, or an athlete of some kind, I LOVE to know what products and things people like. This is why I LOVE amazon!! We are prime members and utilize it 100%. I do not know if I would have used it near as often pre-baby but now that I have one, its AWESOME. It has so many reviews you can read and decide what is the best for you.

So if Fox were to get away for the weekend this is what would be in her bag. Keep in mind she is 11 months old.

Her sound machine - $21.99 

This is not the one I originally ordered but the reason I went with this one is because:
a. I never found a mobile I loved and have been looking for something (I know 11 months might be a little later) and this includes a ceiling projector with 3 different themes. It rotates through safari, ocean, and jungle animals with a timer to turn it off. This has really helped Fox stay laying down instead of crawling like a mad woman all over her crib. 
b. I wanted white noise for her while she sleeps but I wanted a timer so it wouldn't be on all night and I wanted other sound options for when we are just playing in her room. We live in an apartment so blocking out noise has recently become pretty important.
c. It has an optional night light also with the timer option for when that time comes. I totally recommend this product!

Her summer sleep sack - $19.95

I usually buy everything neutral so that it can always be used. Fox definitely has a lot of pink but for things like this we get neutral so we got the monkey print and it is so soft and just the right amount of warmth for her in our Texas heat. She is currently sleeping in a medium and even though its 6-12 months I think she will be in it for quite a while longer. I have found these to run big for us. She slept in her 0-6mon sack until 10 months.

Her full body bib - $8.95

Again I went neutral and I picked this one based on the price. I think they change so you can flip through the different patterns for the best price or pick the one you like best. This has been huge for a messy, independent, and rebellious eater like Fox. She has always been fickle and messy. I do not know why I waited until 11 months to purchase this. Its machine washable and also wipes off really well.

Her baby food book - $15.81
Because I read this blog almost every day. I saw this book recommended quite often. I love it. It helps you know exactly how much your baby should be eating at each age and it gives you foods that maximize the vitamins your baby needs. Since we are deciding whether to be dairy free or gluten free, this book has helped me see you get so much more calcium and iron from foods that I had no idea had calcium and iron. 

Her reads- so Fox loves books but she only likes to read about 3...over and over and over. This one is her absolute favorite, along with this one and this one.

I decided to purchase a few news ones for her birthday after visiting a friend who had some different books. I love books and do not like buying them used because I like to have them nice for our family collection. I still have my favorites from my childhood.

*Most of these items we got through amazon or as a gift. We have free 2 day shipping so it saves me the trouble of going to the store with Fox and we get it quick! Big fans!!

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An 11 month letter to my fox...

Dear fox,

Yesterday I put you in this...

I thought. Haha. Mom wins! For weeks you have been thrashing and spitting. Ripping bibs, breaking the clasp and smearing food ALL over. I was victorious. I put you in this and handed you your blueberries and peas....

Then, you looked at me with those beautiful blues. Gave me a grin and dumped your juicy blueberries on the floor...and smiled back at me.

I laughed. I think I would have done the same thing.

I am getting fabric to make our splash mat today. :)



~an Officer and a Mrs.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thoughts on the Colorado shooting

Man. My heart has been heavy. So sad. So many reasons. Death has been on my thoughts so much this week. I recently read another blog about a girl that was killed on her lunch break in the middle of the day about a year ago. So much fear has filled my heart.

As our pastor read a blogpost from a woman who was in the Colorado shooting, survived, and believed in Jesus, I finally broke. I wept.

I wept because, quite often I get sad that this is the world my baby girl has been born into. I wept because life is only the present, and because it was a horrible crime.

I also wept because I can't imagine life without hope in Christ.

I wept because for me, it was God's sweet grace to get to read a Christ followers hope after surviving such a horrific thing.

I wept praying that I would feel closest to God in the midst of fear like that and I wept because I often think about these situations.

I am married to an officer. This you know.

What does this mean?

1. We go over any and all situations like this. So I have though scary scenarios before.
2. Officer has high protective instincts. He would make a really good secret service agent. We have always discussed this.
3. Officer is the hero type. Not in an obnoxious way. In an amazing selfless way. He would always try to help people who can't help themselves.

So I often think about these things, these scenarios. It may seem super morbid, but if you have an officer you know, its wise.

I know that if this ever happened to us, Officer would make sure I am as safe as I could be and then go after the bad guy and helping other people. I know it. No doubt. It is a responsibility he takes very serious from the day he became an Officer.

I am comforted as I read through Psalm 23 this morning. Because the Lord is my shepherd through this scary, broken world.

I hope you too find comfort in this...

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
3 he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name’s sake.
4 Even though I walk
through the darkest valley,[a]
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

School of Rox - 11 months

Um hello my little grown up fox!!

This month was HUGE. I feel like you are a person and not a "pre-toddler".


I see! (from your fav book- brown bear brown bear)
Where he?

You hum along to songs, constantly read to yourself, talk to the books, or hug and kiss your animals. Your tent is your favorite place and you think I can't see you in there. It's precious!

Fox, dolly, piggy and lamby are your favorite but you give them all kisses.

You LOVE with all your heart to swim. Dive in, head under, dare devil style. You do not have a fear in the world when it comes to the water. Mommy and daddy love to swim so this has been fun!

You LOVE oranges, drinking out of mommy's water, peas, turkey meat and staying on the MOVE. You are a HARD baby to feed because you want to do it yourself and can't yet and you are so busy I often have to use tricks to get you to eat the bare minimum. We will get there I know it.

You have no desire to walk yet, crawling is faster and more efficient and I get that so I really do not protest. You will do it when you are ready. I think you might swim on your own before you walk. You are finally enjoying independent play and blanket time...this took some time but now you love it.

You are starting to keep shoes on your feet and you like them. Your feet are tiny. 3-6 month size tiny. I am just happy we found some shoes that fit. So happy I splurged on a few...please stay at this size for a few  months k?

Fox- we celebrate your one year birthday in a MONTH and I can't handle it. You are growing so fast. We are planning a Rox Star theme. More on your party to come.

What a ride its been little one. We love you soo much!

Mom and Dad

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

11 months looks like this...

At the end of the day...I clean up the toilet paper rox unrolled and tore up, find all the alphabet magnets, pick up all the lost spoons and thank the Lord for this bundle of joy. Man she blesses us.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday FAVS

Whoosh. What a whirl wind this week has been. I feel like it was Friday 3 days ago and Sunday 2 days ago and Monday yesterday. I guess that is what a holiday on hump day will do to your mind.

Being the big picture thinker that I am, it made me see when Christmas falls this year...a Tuesday. Then I started planning what that would look like. Then I saw the heaping pile of dishes and laundry and thought, "oh yea" ....but Christmas planning is way more important. #iknowimcrazy.

With that being said. Here is what we have been loving this week!!!

These backpacks are on sale at Pottery Barn so we may have purchased one for Fox for her upcoming birthday and the fact that she starts "school" in August.

This is where I have camped out on the computer getting amazing ideas for Fox's 1st birthday party!!

Stop by here and see new items in our shop!! We have been working through the holiday and new items will be coming up all weekend! We just upgraded to an awesome new dye brand. We love it!

Getting ready to start train for this with my bestie...going for a personal best means must start training early.

Going here tomorrow for some major wedding planning. Gu is getting married in less than a month!!!!

I'm not always a big pinner but this week...lots of it happened.

Thats are week! Hope y'all had a great 4th. So grateful to live in America.

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whole30 and some updates

Hi friends,

An update has been near the top of my list for a while...but somehow its June 23rd and I CANNOT remember how we got here. Officer and I are experiencing our only free Saturday in 2 months and last free Saturday until my sister's wedding in August. We enjoyed this. Let me tell you.

But anyway, Officer and I have been doing crossfit for almost 3 months now and our gym launched a Whole30 challenge for both June and July. Officer and I adopted paleo eating at the beginning of April with a cheat day every Saturday so we thought this would be easy. We. Were. WRONG.

Whole30 details and rules can be found here. All our best recipes were found here. And motivation found here. 

Crossfit has transformed life for Officer and I. We love it. We cant get enough of the self competition and the results. It has been difficult, however doing Whole30 has been one of the hardest things I have ever done mentally.

First week: I was a wreck. Did a little traveling and couldn't eat anything. Anywhere. Diet coke has been my biggest withdraw. I mean it has hardly gotten easier for me. I miss it every day. It has taught me SO much though about how we get addicted to things and how AWFUL I ate before.

I have learned how to cook so many wonderful things. I crave eating at home more than I do out now. I never EVER thought I would say that either! I have learned healthy substitutes that taste wonderful to me. And life without dairy has made me feel so much better all the way around. Life without dairy has launched Officer to almost 20 pounds of weight loss...hello results.

Here are some of our favorites:

Favorite mains:
Pulled pork
Cowboy breakfast skillet

Favorite breakfast:
Breakfast fritata (we make this at the beginning of each week and then cook throughout the week)
      -12 whisked eggs
      -browned turkey sausage
cook for 15 min on 375...done. Too easy.

Favorite sweets:
Banana Icecream
Raw brownies (I make these weekly and use raw almonds instead of walnuts)
Banana muffins

We are entering our 4th week of Whole30! I took a break last week to try out my first ever cleanse with Isagenix. Here is were you can read more and I will be doing a whole post about the cleanse. I recommend a yearly cleanse to everyone and I think this will be the one I do every year. Isagenix is the protein I now use and I love it. It is perfect for paleo life style because the sugar content in Isalean is low enough that it doesn't taste too sweet as many proteins now do.

Updates coming this week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

School of Rox- 10 months

Dearest Fox,

Stop it. Stop growing at warp speed and tackling new growth hurdles every day. It doesn't even seem right that another month has passed.

This month was/is defined by quite a bit of chaos in that its been busy. We attended Aunt Gu's graduation from nursing school, had your first lake experience, another night of just you and your dad, SWAM in the pool, went to the lake, went to the zoo, and had your dedication. What special days.

You my sweet love are a riot. You LOVE attention and feed off of people's energy. You are a lot like your parents in that way and we get the biggest kick out of it. I have learned you know how to play games and are such a woo-er. However, you like your alone time too.

You have turned out to be a big stuffed animal/doll girl. This (apparently) is very un-like your mom and very much like your Aunt Gu. You are currently attached/can't sleep without a doll, a pink piggy and a lamb. You put all three of them up to your face, squeeze them tight and bite their noses. All of your stuffed animals when playing get a bite on those and a hug. I also got a bite on the nose this month and that is when I realized it was probably a kiss. You melt our heart fox. Some might say its a bit much that a 10 month old sleeps with 3 "toys" but you didn't pick up on a passy or sucking your thumb so I say go for it. You are definitely grizzly, which growing up for me what a high compliment. You are go big or go home.

New tricks:
-shaking your head yes, although you MUCH prefer no
-one time this month you YELLED no to your cousin when she tried to take your puff. HILARious
-pushing buttons
-pulling open drawers
-open and closing doors
-standing with out holding on to anything for quick little burst
-eating baby granola bars
-drinking out of ANY straw!!

Growth wise you are still in the same clothes and weight- maybe this month.

We love you baby girl. We are approaching your first birthday and plans have begun. I cant believe we are 2 MONTHS away from this day. I have been soaking up every moment with you lately. I am thankful the Lord has given me the ability to slow down and enjoy you even more! We dedicated you to the Lord on June 10th in front of close family and friend Fox and it is my absolute prayer you quickly know the Lord. What a special day it was and you got to do it with your bud Darby. Such a big month!


mom & dad

Aunt Gu's nursing school graduation- 5.20.12
Fox baby dedication- 6.10.12
Passed out after Aunt Gu's honors ceremony. This never happens.
Being silly with dad on Memorial Day at the lake- 5.28.12
The zoo. Not scared at all. 5.25.12
Hanging out at the lake w/Darby (learning to share) 5.27.12
Such a fashionista. always.
SO PROUD of you NAT! 5.20.12
Asleep at graduation
Sippy cup skipped and straw accomplished!!