Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School of Rox- 9 MONTHS!

Fox, my sweet love and little buddy.

You are 9 months baby girl. Every day I wish time would slow down. Even when you are being a pill, you bring your dad and I so much joy.

You are so funny, smile often and laugh even more. It warms my heart when I hear repeatedly what a happy baby you are. It also warms my heart that you cuddle just a little bit with me in the morning and evening. You are still and have never been a cuddler, but your dad and I soak up the few moments.

On your 9month birthday:

12 month clothes
3 diapers
17.15 pounds (43%)
26.5 inches long (47%)

What you are about...

-Dolly. Dolly. Dolly. You love your doll. You give her kisses, chew on her big tails, laugh with her, hug her, and must have her when you go to sleep. Mom has already invested in a back up dolly.
-Crawling at lightning speed, and having mom or dad chase you. You giggle and take off extra fast
-Books, you LOVE reading books, but only a select 3 that we read over and over.... Go Dog Go, The foot book, and I love you through and through. Mom is hoping to expand to some others this month. But your big smile with each page makes me ok reading them 10 times a day.
-You love pulling up on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, which results in MANY falls. You have a few bumps, a few bruises, low pain tolerance, but lots of adventure in you. I love that.
-Your Vtech sound piano gets dragged every where and you talk into the microphone and love it. Best $20 I ever spent.
-Eating dog food or dog bones. Yep this has happened so I have to watch you like a hawk.
-pulling your bows out and eating them...makes mom very sad but dont worry I am going to fight it.
-Rice cakes and puffs. You are the cutest chewer and you are picking them up all by yourself!
-BATHS. You love bath time. You could spend an hour in there if momma let you.

-wave good bye and hi
-sign "all done"
-respond to the sign "more"
-shake your head "no" often. To be silly and when mommy says no.
-Say, "dadadada", "mommamomma", "baababababa"
-Talk higher when you talk to the puppy, and chase puppy up and down and all over
-make the funniest noises in the highest pitches
-Dance, and dance to mommy singing which will probably mess you up
-Laugh hysterically when mommy does a cheer for you.

You hate...
-eating. period. You are so busy it take mommy all the energy in the world to get a full serving down you. Same with a bottle.
-when you can't do something your self. You are very independent. You would rather try than have mommy do anything.
-socks and shoes. All these cute options and you kick and pull them ALL off.
-not getting your way. You are very in to tantrums
- putting your clothes on
-getting out of the bath

Mom's favorite thing:

Whenever I walk in the door or pick you up from something I am not at, you light up and race to me. Its like you hug me when you see me. Warms my heart and makes everything worth it and nothing else matter. You are my heart sweet fox. Thank you for teaching me, that my life is so much better when it isnt about me.

Your momma and dadda

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First weekend AWAY

Hi friends,

We are alive but we have been SUPER SUPER busy so a little break was in order. Here is a quick update:

We sold a car and for now, are functioning on ONE car....yep. Its been an adjustment.

I opened my Etsy shop, Jacks & Roxanne with my high school bestie. We are featuring items for mom, baby & home. Click HERE to check it out.

Fox started pulling up on EVERYTHING

Officer and I had our first ever weekend away - just us. It was incredible. I recommend it. Even if you have an awesome baby who is on an awesome schedule- you need a weekend away. We missed our Fox every second, but we got to just be us and it was fantastic.

We went down to Roundtop, TX for Officer's best friends wedding. We stayed in this gorgeous b&b and ate terrible. It was AWEsome.

We stayed out late Friday, talked late on the porch, made some plans for the future, went on a run Saturday morning, ate a late breakfast and enjoyed each other with no other responsibilities.

Here are a few pictures from our blessed weekend: