Tuesday, March 30, 2010

baby's breath is back!


Baby's breath is making a huge statement right now and its super affordable. What a classic refined look, or a really free wild flower look. I think it would go great with a shabby chic outdoor wedding or a twinkle light, "My Fair Lady" look. I think I am way into using baby's breath now! Its so great when affordable trends come our way~


Thursday, March 25, 2010

THE dress....sigh

I like to look at wedding dresses for fun. A. Because I think it tells SO much about the bride and B. What kind of wedding she had.

A wedding dress is a look into a girls soul. Its a personality in design and I love looking and thinking, "oh wow that is so her personality" or "what a fun way to do your wedding" or "you will always remember"

In dream world I would tell every girl to wear Carolina Herrera...O.M.G I just love her.

She has clean original design that contains so much personality I cant stand it. She makes an A-line sateen dress have more personality than a totally frilled out, all lace princess dress. She was my inspiration for the dress I found.

Before looking for THE dress. My number one suggestion to brides is this. Google, surf, pick through magazines, get a style bored designed by me!, and then go try some styles on at David's bridal. Decide the style, make an appointment at a boutique and go to town in the styles you know you are interested in. It will make the experience SO much more fruitful! I promise!

If you are looking now, for the fun of mimosas and big mirrors check out the quaint Mockingbird Bridal boutique in Dallas. Have a Ball!

thanks oncewed.com for your great carolina herrera dress and wedding details that go perfectly with this dress!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Smith*Lytle Wedding 3.14.2010

I am SO excited to post about this wedding. Kelli is a free spirit fire cracker of energy and fun. She enters a room and you know it. Her laugh is larger than life and Teddy loves her. They are a wonderful couple and it was a BLAST to make their wedding day come together.

This was my first wedding to do solo, and I could NOT have done it without help from my friend Jennifer Bellah.

Kelli's wedding theme as she started putting ideas together was "Rooted in Love" the couple potted a plant in place of the unity candle with dirt from each of their mothers and a pot they made together!

With bright colors of green, navy, and orange we had pictures, limes and grean beads in vases to fill the room. More pictures to come. ALl the photograph was done by Brittany Strebeck who was a blast to have around! She is so creative, refreshing and new!

Well check out some highlights from Kelli's wedding~

More to come!!! But what a blast this day was! ALl in LUBBOCK, TX

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding the right venue for you!!

So you have come up with your theme, you are working out...here is a great guide to find the perfect sight for you- www.gatheringguide.com. Or go here. Both are great for searching venues!

I must day my most favorite place that I would LOVE to plan a wedding for someone here is the Adriatica in McKinney. OMG it replicated actual historical monuments and locations in Croatia. Its gorgeous. Like doing a destination wedding in McKinney, TX. Talk about a gold mine!

Happy planning~

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow on Easter Eve...

Really....well if you are reading this from another state....it sprinkled snow in Dallas this morning. Now its just left 39 degrees to love us days before EASTER!!! What!? I am an still 4 in that I get an easter dress....and if I dont get to wear it...I am going to be ticked!! Its spring!

I will say one thing, to all those people who swear by global warning....how do you explain the coldest/longest winter Dallas has ever seen? Hmm...yea thats what I thought.

In the mean time...if you are following my path to wedding planning...I am breaking to point you to some very affordable shower dresses at the lovely target. Even if you dont ever shop there, make your way there. Floral patterns are their in full form- especially with LIBERTY OF LONDON. I love it. ALl of it. Its adorable. light. fun. flirty. If we arent going to get the weather at least we are getting some fun threads. See my favs at the liberty link!! It's so fun to look through.

Well thats all I got....New Moon is out today and yes- I still follow the twilight saga! Back to a day of cleaning and necessary crafting!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So many details, where to start?

So you are working out for your big day...but really that is one of about a thousand things to worry about! I would say at this point, pick your date and then decide what are you going for.

Small intimate wedding?
Big and Bold?
The event of the year?
Dancing and Crazyness?
Party like its 1999?

These will decide everything from here- where you have it, what your dress is like, what your dj/band is like, sit down dinner or buffet, your colors and then of course who your coordinator is. Maybe you just need a little help...maybe you need alot.

Here are some new themes that I have just LOVED!

So whether you are having a backyard bash, going shabby chique in pink, or having a colonial sitting room be your first dance! Go for it and make it you!

All of these ideas can be found on oncewed!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Attention New BRIDES!!

I decided to go through some highlights to look at to enhance your engagement process!

So you are ENGAGED!!! You picked a date...lots of things are up in the air. The one thing you can count on is getting your body to be a wedding body! Every girls wants to look the best they have ever looked on their wedding day...starts with the book above. I know it looks cheesy but its do-able. Its a none intimidating start perfect for whatever level you are at. It is mostly lifting toning all the areas crucial in a wedding dress, but also has cardio. I went through this book with my sweet friend Amanda- who is having her baby TODAY!! 2 years ago. It was amazing. I never thought change was possible with weights but it really made a difference! Check it out today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kelli and Teddy Lytle Wedding!

Still recovering...my feet hurt. That is the thing I forget every time. Coordinating this fun couple's wedding was a blast but being on my feet for 12 hours running around in heels= sore. They feel like I ran a marathon...but a really fun one. Details and pictures to come!

I am excited to say I am working on the official site! Be looking for details on that soon!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A diamond in Dallas

Ok folks I have found THE latest and greatest place to have your wedding at The Texas Belle....check it out! It's gorgeous- Louisiana plantation meets sweet home Alabama meets GREAT wedding venue for Dallas or specifically Coppell, TX.

My next few blogs will be checking out some venues in the suburbs of Dallas. So many have popped up in the past year so I am going to check them out! Tune in if you are newly engaged!! You might find another diamond in Dallas!

Well off to get ready for the Smith Lytle Rehearsal!! Then wedding festivities begin tomorrow.

Just love a good wedding weekend- the tears, the stress, the drama, and the fun- that's my beat.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Wedding Coordinating Blessings!

I am in Lubbock all excited to coordinate Kelli Smith's wedding! Kelli is a special friend I have known since my freshman year of college when we planned women's retreat together for Campus Crusade for Christ! Who knew it would be the beginning of event planning!!

Kelli is going to be a beautiful bride!

Wedding planning is something that brings me so much joy.

I was flying standby to get here...when i was missing my stand by pass...I left at home...

I was going to have to go home and come back for a morning flight- thus messing up ALL of my plans for the weekend. I was about to cry explaining I was on my way to coordinate a wedding when I got a tape on my shoulder...a southwest pilot said..."do you need a pass"....not really understanding this pure form of generosity I simply nodded....

Folks- he gave me a pass and here I am....in Lubbock. It pays to handle situations with grace- this is something I struggle with at times, but was SO glad it came together in this situation!

Here is too a great wedding and thanking the Lord for the BEAUTIFUL weather!!!

Have a great spring break to some and to others if you have recently gotten engaged, give me a shout!! I would love to meet with you!

dana k

Thursday, March 11, 2010


You came by just in time to see the first wedding that will be featured in this blog!

Kelli Smith and Teddy Lytle- this weekend in Lubbock, TX.

Look for updates to come! Kelli is a free spirit and her wedding embodies her free earthy design! Its going to be beautiful! I cant wait to leave tomorrow and coordinate!