About the Officer & Mrs.

The mrs.
I am a stay at home working mom. This is a real term. I do interior design & design management for a contracting company, sell plexus products and I dip my hand in wedding coordinating about once a month. I am an ENTJ and putting people in a box is my favorite thing to do. I love all things birth order and I never know where my car keys are. My house is clean 1% of the time but don't worry my bed and closet are always immaculate. I am left handed, maybe that explains it.

Officer and I met in 2006 while attending college. We dated 2 years and got married on New Years Day 2009.
Officer became the Officer in March of 2009 and our story began.
Fox joined us in August of 2011.
Officer became a detective in 2012 (YAY DAYS).
Officer decided to tryout being a MISTER in 2013.
The Twinsies joined us 2014.
Officer became an Officer again in 2015.
We are no experts, but have a heart for all Officers and their Mrs. When we entered this world there was NOTHING encouraging for us to read...maybe one day you will see something out there from us, until then, we will be here. We hope to encourage you but promise honesty. It isn't an easy world but we are committed to each other and committed to writing about it here!

The Officer
Officer is a protector and a rule follower. He is a dreamer and loves to start books. He actually follows the speed limit. This has always been one of the most fascinating things about him. In my opinion. He is an ISFP...I know. One of the weird ones. He is the life of the party and the worrier all in one. He is always on time and always knows where his keys are...unless I last used them. He spends more time on his hair then I do and usually his hair looks better than mine does so really it makes sense.