Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forsberg Wedding, June 19th

WOW...this wedding was a BLAST from start to finish!! Lori Lynn Forsberg was an amazing bride. She knew exactly what she wanted, was so organized, extremely created, and completely original. From the location we found, to the redneck surprise this wedding was an adventure. It took place at the Sanford House in Arlington, TX. CLICK HERE!! if you are looking for a great venue because it is COMPLETELY worth looking at. It was intimate and had a great staff. Here are a few pictures of the villa I stayed in.

This is the bathroom

The bedroom

The dining area

Every room is welcomed with hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies (their signature recipe) and their homemade lemonade. Its amazing!!

The wedding had lots of details but ended up being beautiful. The courtyard had so much natural outdoor decor that we didnt need much. The colors were ivory, navy and paprika. SO original. SO beautiful.

Each guest got a fan with the paprika and navy F, a program and a menu...so creative. They also had a painting of all the wedding colors in a beautiful image as their back drop. Sundee Corley is the artist and is SO talented.

The DJ was Brandon Williams- BEST DJ I have ever worked with and just so you know how serious I am- he DJ's for the Cowboys! OMG!! Check him out here!

Chris Ossenfort was the photographer- pictures of his coming soon! Check him out here!!

I love what I do! Here is me getting ready for the rehearsal! Hahaha


Tanning Turnout!!

Hey Bloggers- sorry for the delay wedding season is hitting hard and fast! I am learning how to balance everything which can be tricky sometimes. Thanks for sticking with me despite the busyness. So back to tanning cream- I LOVE Seven Nyne. It is packaged cute, smells like melon and honey, goes on smooth and was a total success. My camera is down, and the iphone pictures were not doing justice of the effects- so I decided to use my friend Amanda Marley as a great example! She used Seven Nyne tanning cream right before a wedding she was in. The results are fabulous! Check it out below. You can purchase Seven Nyne at the North Park Sephora- its sold out at The Galleria and Stonebriar.



Doesn't she look fabulous!!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Working on the real deal

Well hey friends!

I am finally beginning to work on my REAL website! Yes, thats right! The grand opening will be coming soon! I spent this weekend recovering from a HORRIBLE burn from laying out with only baby oil...I learned I was not the young kid resistent to wrinkles and burning like I used to be. It was not pretty.

So a dilemma presented itself...I am ADDICTED to being tan because I look my best at this point...I mean who doesnt agree. I would love to just spray tan instead but that cost the same price for one spray as an entire month of tanning...no thanks.

So for you brides on a budget, or maybe you want to be tan for your bridals, showers, engagement pictures, or maybe you just want to be tan...over the next few weeks I will be trying self tanners...the good kinds, the expensive kinds, and the cheap too. Well see which one is really the best. I am starting with Seven Nine, which can be found at Sephora North Park, but not Stonebriar or Galleria....as we have found so far. It looks like this:

Ill let you know how trial #1 goes.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Colors

Hi followers!! Wedding season, as I have mentioned several times is in full swing! I have been so busy and neglecting my blog!!

Well I have some inspiration for you, compliments of Brittany Strebeck.

A recent wedding she did captured the heart of summer fun in a WHOLE new way. I LOVE all the summer trends in this wedding. Bright colors, the candy bar, layers, letters, bold floral patterns, paisley and umbrellas!! I am now working on some projects based on this wedding. It's so fun!! Take a look at Brittany's website but also below!

Look for creations from this inspiration SOON!