Saturday, September 25, 2010

J Hill

The past week I have eat, slept, run and done J Hilburn!

I seriously cant get enough of it. I am so excited to have joined their team and become a style advisor and partner with this great company.

I trained this past week and have since been measuring and fitting people like crazy! Check out our fall line at and see my favorite thing we do below:

A custom shirt. with whatever detail, stitching, fit and style you could think of.

Jeff always had to wear shirts that were too big because his arms are long...problem solved...a custom shirt that has longer arms with a slimmer body. Its so great!! He just looks yummy in his shirts now!!

We do cashmere sweaters that you will want to nap with, pants that fit like a glove, and outerwear that will make you wish for snow! Its custom fabrics that Neimans about 1/3 of the cost! I am so excited to be doing this!! If you are interested in getting fitted or getting your spouse fitted, email me at

Ill keep you guys updated on what we have next, and of course my model (husband) will be sporting the latest and greatest soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Shout Out Mondays...

Happy Labor Day bloggers...

I have been stumbling on all these great finds lately not necessarily pertaining to weddings so I am going to start mentioning every Monday because I know you would love to hear about them!

Do any of you guys take protein shakes? I totally recommend doing it even if its not for weight loss- take it for muscle recovery after runs or hard work outs.

Anyway here is the best protein powder I have found yet!

It sounds cheesy...and the website looks a little cheesy to but its the best protein I have found. Just 2 scoops is 70 calories and has the fiber of 6 apples and the protein of a dozen eggs. Its tasteless which actually means it doesnt taste very good so I mix it with 8oz of soy milk, a scoop of Ovaltine, half of a banana, and 4 ice cubes. Its amazing!!

Have a great holiday! Im enjoying the day off working on some winter weddings, J Hilburn and finishing decor on our new apartment.