Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday FAVS

Hi friends,

We have lots of excitement going on at our house these days...
A. This is my new favorite picture of Fox who is so happy when we are outside. B. SHE HAS A TOOTH poking through. After weeks of teething pain, we welcome this tooth!
She now "eats" apples! SHE LOVES when I let her "chew" on an apple and really she just sucks all the juice out of it and it feels good on her teeth.
This is our Easter! Roxie and momma got matching sunnies for the pool this summer, Easter service and Officer and I got a date night at the Ranger games...he is kinda the world's biggest and most truest fan.
We go from this.....
to this in .3 seconds...this is also a new favorite picture of us because this picture totally captures what that day was like.

We are week 4 on Paleo and week 2 on Crossfit. The results are unreal and we feel so great.
I am making this (thanks to this girl! :)) and this (I already made this early in the week and dominated it!) tonight for a treat.
We are planning to do some Spring cleaning and this will help.
And officially decided our fall trip to celebrate my belated 25th birthday, 4 years of marriage, and officer's 27 birthday will be to HERE!

Happy Friday!

~an Officer and a Mrs.