Thursday, July 7, 2016

I married an officer...for the good the bad and the ugly

I, like most of you, have been heavy hearted today. Everyone has a different perspective as they read about the fact of the recent deaths in Baton Rouge. As I was sifting through all the noise I googled, "Facts of the Alton Sterling shooting". I use words differently than any regular person, because I married a police officer. I am sensitive to words like, "murder" because I have learned more about the justice system ( all of its flaws and all) than I ever dreamed I would.

My perspective is that of a police wife. I have three young children and my husband chose to GO BACK to this career after two years out of it. All lives do matter. This is a tragedy. Every day in America there is new tragedy. I grieve that my children have to grow up a way I do not recognize. I also grieved the day my husband decided to go back to police work. I cried like a baby. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT TO DO THAT WORK? There is a shortage of officers in our part of the world. And I am sure, you can imagine why.

They are hated. Simply for wearing that uniform. I can not get on facebook these days without preparing my heart for comments that are so hurtful to make as a general statement against police officers.

My husband has given money away, bought meals, LOVED, and shared the gospel with many people who are homeless or "unloved". And he works with men who do ALL these things. Its incredible. The hearts many of them have despite all the hate towards them.

Do you know what I pray tonight? Lord, please do not discourage the good officers out there and make them quit. This is a mission field that needs good officers.

When you see good in officers, share it, encourage them, love them. What if all the good ones quit?

I am sad and heavy hearted for all sides to this story. I pray for true justice and I pray for our people to unify to better love oppressed and those who protect and serve.