Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roxanne Renee Douthit's Birth Story

Confession: I have been working on this post since the day after we brought Roxie home from the hospital. It has taken me awhile because as a new mom and first time mom, I am filled with so many emotions every day. I am a total feeler and big time emotional gal but I am often over come by these emotions and do not know how to articulate everything.

I am not a writer, so if sentences don't make complete sense to you or I miss grammatical details, I apologize. All I know is my life made the biggest change it has EVER made on August 15th 2011 and this is the story...

My faith in the Lord has always been a strength of mine. Have you ever heard of strength finder 2.0? Its amazing. Click here for the book and take it to see your strengths. It helps you understand yourself and your spouse really well. Anyway, belief is my number 1 strength and it has been something that has made me successful in my jobs but also made me unable to commit to things because if I can't 100% believe in what I am doing, I cant do it. I am not a "BS" girl. I tell you all this because I had an amazing birth experience and my faith and belief in the Lord grew dearing this experience, not because I had an easy delivery, but because God is such an artist in the way he grows a child inside you and then all of the sudden, she is before you, breathing oxygen with eyes wide open.

Let me first say, the girl has rocked my world. Stopped me dead in my selfish tracks. She came into this world alert, full of attitude and ready to rock. She is a really fun combination of Jeff and I and its so fun to see these things each day. She is teaching my achieving, task oriented self to slow down and allow her to take time to not be on the perfect schedule I want her on and reminds me every day what a gift she is.

After 10 months of thinking I was growing a sweet baby boy (we decided not to find out) my husband tearfully announced on August 15, 2011 at 9:57am that...I had just given birth to a GIRL....she has been in our life 2 weeks and I will never be the same.

About 4 weeks ago our doctor started telling me that my particular body type wouldn't handle giving birth to more than about a 7.5 pound baby...so we watched it. Two weeks ago she decided that the best way to avoid a C-section would be to schedule an induction a week early. We set the appointment to come in on August 14th. The week before was an extremely emotional and special week for me as I closed a chapter at my full time job- Watermark. I got to be a part of this amazing team, and sit in the "Mega" which has been my second community group this past year. I love these girls and was so sad to leave them. they blessed me with an awesome last week and Saturday Jeff and I ran errands, returned some baby things, packed our bags and spent our last night in the apartment just the two of us.

Sunday morning we slept in, I ate a PBJ, thinking I would get one last meal at the hospital and we headed to the hospital.

We arrived, checked in, started the blessed process of cervical ripening and began 7 hours of pain, contractions and NO MOVEMENT....disappointed momma-2-be. They told me at 10pm on Sunday night that it would probably be Monday evening before I would be meeting my little one, so I took some pain medicine in my IV so that I could sleep. At mid-night ON THE DOT...I woke because my water broke and then heavy contractions followed. I got my epidural at 12:30am and was dilated to a 2. I woke up at 5:30am and was at a 6.5....the epidural was the best and I mean BEST thing ever. Best experience, great anatiesiologist and great balance for what I could feel and couldn't feel. I was able to sleep 5.5 hours and wake up refreshed to begin serious laboring. Our whole family got to hang out with us from about 7-8am and then at 8am I felt sick to my stomach so they left. My nurse checked me and revealed I was at a 10 and ready to go.

In the room was my amazing doctor, who stayed with us almost the whole time, my wonderful nurse Cheryl, my sister and my husband. what a perfect team. Nat got to learn so much and prove she is in the perfect job for her gifting. She is going to be an amazing nurse in less than a year!! Jeff couldn't have been a better coach and support. He spoke encouragement to me, held my neck which was in pain and was so loving. I have fallen more in love with him through this experience and can't imagine not having him there. He is such a gift to me and Rox.

She came right before 10am and Jeff announced to the room we had a GIRL!!

I have had a great recovery and have been showered with care and love from our family. God has blessed Jeff and I so much!! Here is our angel:

First day of life...so perfect
 Leaving the hospital with our baby girl!!!
5 days old. This is one of my favorite faces she makes.
 lounging on momma's knees...sweet baby
this is an appropriate picture of her ever present sassy side
 My Roxie and me!
2 weeks!!!

I loved my birth process and the whole journey of bring Roxanne into this world. I feel so blessed to have such a great story. I TOTALLY and completely recommend Medical City Dallas to everyone, I really dont have a bad thing to say. More to come in life after bring Rox into our world!