Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

These are 3 pictures that captures the theme of this year's Christmas- Roxie...she stole the show. Above is the entire group from my dad's side of the family. The Hansen's. My dad has two brothers who are twins and like my dad, they have three you can see girls dominate this side so Rox feels right at home. 

Rox and I went to the annual breakfast with Paw Paw and Lannie, Jeff's grandpa and step grandma. So fun as always!
Then we went to Christmas Eve at our church, Watermark, with the whole Hansen clan. It was an amazing service as always. I appreciate it not only being beautiful but getting challenged as well. After we had dinner at my parents house, opened presents, and played "things". One of my favorite things about my family is the amount of games we play and how competitive everyone is....this was no different.

Than we went home and Rox and I watched home alone...might be a new tradition, even though when I say Rox and I, it was really me because she was asleep that night at 7:30am...ha. 

Christmas day was great because Officer got to join us. Unfortunately he missed all the Christmas eve festivities because he was keeping the city safe and I am seriously thankful that police officer's don't get holidays scary would that be!?

We woke up and got the Fox ready together and then headed over to my aunt's for Christmas lunch. It was an AMAZING feast! Than we went to Officer's dad's and had a great time opening presents and laughing at Rox and my niece Blakely. I cant wait for them to play more together.

Than we finished the night with an amazing dinner my mother-in-law cooked and presents and play time at my sister-in-law's. Rox and BLakely CRACKED us up all night. Blakely is at this fun stage where she does such funny things and is such a ham. I just adore her. Here is her and Rox playing:

I know...what a doll!

Hoping your Christmas was a great time with family and friends and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

~an officer and a mrs

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yellow is the new pink

SO speaking of this little hunny's 4 month birthday....

I am finally making her room girly.

People often ask me if I ever regret not finding out the gender until she was born and the answer is NO. The whole experience of not knowing and letting it be Roxie's little secret was magical. I know that sounds cheesy but when the doctor flipped her over for Officer to announce to the room and we both melted in tears I think how I would NEVER EVER trade that moment for anything.

However, this means we have a LOT of yellow and green since those are neutral colors pleasing to both genders. Roxie's room is yellow and her bedding is green gingham, brown, white and elephant with baby chicks sitting on the trunk. The room over all at first was probably a little more "boy" but the bedding itself is more "girl". I love her bedding. Its from pottery barn kids and its just so sweet. I really hate taking pictures of Fox's room to share because it ends up making the walls look so neon and they are not.

I have spent the past 4 months deciding how I was to add some girly pink accents to her room and this is what has inspired me:

I found this the first day I got on Pinterest. It was amazing. My design is pretty eclectic and since the room was originally pretty neutral I just wanted to add some girly flair.

I made this last week inspired by another pinterest find:

Spray painted canvas to be a chalkboard...totally brill for the eclectic room I was going for.

Now I'm working on finishing her letters, and making a mobile...I know I'm terrible that I haven't added one yet but I didn't like the one I thought I would and so I just decided to keep looking.

To pinterest I go and the final room pictures to come!

Monday, December 19, 2011

4 Months!

Happy 4 months Fox!

This past month you...

-rolled over on thanksgiving
-roll through the night, in your naps, while playing, on your changing table...any chance you can
-talk non stop
-love looking at yourself in the mirror
-reach for toys you want
-use your toes and hands to play on your play matt
-chew on your toes
-smile contagiously...especially when you first wake up
-grew more hair!!!!
-sleep 10-12 hours at night

just a typical with your feet up on your bumper

We discovered...

-your pain tolerance is low
-you are a performer
-want to hold your own bottle so much...cant quite figure it out
-are pretty independent

love seeing this sassy face while we drive around
You tried....
-rice cereal and cant figure out the spoon but love it in a bottle

You are...

-wearing 3-6 months clothes
-wearing 6 month onsies and sleepers
-finally fit into shoes (you have little feet)
-fit into newborn beanies (you have a little head)

You weigh somewhere close to 14 pounds

You recognize people you know...especially your momma and it melts my heart...

meetings SANTA!

Roxanne Renee, thank you for making our life an adventure! A year ago this month we found out you were on your way....what a surprise it was, but it has made this year the best year of your dad and my life.

Merry Christmas!

~an officer and a mrs

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marrying an officer continued...

Where was I? Oh yea, lots of tears and a rough first year. Above is a picture from our wedding, SUCH a fun day!!

We had lots of these conversations, "so last night I thought this guy was going too....

-attack me
-come at me
-come after me

Or my personal favorite: "Don't panic, I am fine, but..."

I married the guy who is always in the action, the kid who always ended up with stitches, the one who would never back down from a fight, the designated hero.

We had to draw lines on what he could and could not tell me because I would be over come with worry, but more real, I would be so overcome with fear of being alone. That was the hardest part for me. I am an extroverted people person who liked being with people even when I was having "quiet time". This new found alone time haunted me.

I tell you all of these things because for the first year, ehh, first 1.5 I was a victim of my circumstances. I can keep listing all the different things that I thought were terrible about my life, but bottom line was, I was bogged down unable to see a lot of great beauty. Like for starters, I married the love of my life. Officer was love at first sight for me and I think that every day. We have our hard days, sure, but man do I love him.

I married the "designated hero" who God created to be an officer. I'm serious, this is his sweet spot. He can smell trouble and loves finding it. He makes our city a better place and LOVES his fellow officers. He is wonderful at it and doesn't burn out on action and helping people. He is genuinely compassionate for the less fortunate and law breakers. I personally do not get his heart some time, but praise Jesus he is out there and HE LOVES IT! Did I mention that?

I married a guy who cares for me and was trying to lead me the best way he knew on this new journey.

I married a guy who desired for me to be stronger and more independent. He has given me the ability to learn how to trust in my Savior in a deeper way. I truly know how to rely on God in a way I would never have learned otherwise, and officer has always lead me back to that truth.

I married a guy who surrounded me with good people to walk through that hard first year, and encouraged every opportunity to create more support or more adventures for me along the way.

That first year we....

-traveled to Maui
-visited all my besties still in college, whom i missed so much
-visted some besties in new mexico
-I completed my first half marathon
-he boxed in his first tournament
-bought a puppy
-moved (we really like will learn)
-joined a community group at our church

AN insanely joyous what was the game changer for me?

THIS IS HUGE. If you hear anything from me...this was it. I still remember the day I read it. You see, my story wouldn't be my story without my faith in Jesus Christ. My faith is truly was allows my life as a mrs. to my officer to be fun, but the verse that changed it is:

Jesus commanded Peter, "Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?"


WHy? I realized, this IS my life.
I am married to an officer.
I love him and adore him so I realized I have two choices, every day:
a. sulk and be miserable
b. drink deeply the cup the Lord has poured for me.

Its been different ever since. GOd has allowed me to see joy i never saw before. ALl the good and there is SO much good.

So...this our story.


~an officer and a mrs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marrying an Officer

SO I thought I would give a little bit of our story, our officer and Mrs. story.

This was the last thing I expected you see. I was in my last semester of my junior year of college, engaged to my handsome, God-loving, public relations majoring, senior fiance when it happened...

I'll never forget, we were passing the English building on campus when he said to me, "I think I want to be a police officer....." the rest is history.

The months that followed, or really two years that followed were full of bliss and pain. This wasn't the life I was thinking I would lead. I grew up in a house where kitchen knives were the scariest weapons, and my parents worked a business together....needless to explain more I had very different expectations for marriage. But don't we all think marriage is something that it's not, thanks to TV, media, Hollywood and bad examples....?

Anyway we got married while officer was a cadet in the academy. We got married and he had to return to class the next day. Poor guy. I spend the day at the spa...I know so rough.

But from there...It was a hard first year. He worked some days but mostly nights in that first year and I was too afraid to shower at night in our apartment by myself, slept with an ax by my bed, put a dresser in front of the bedroom door, and cried often. I laugh thinking about those days because by God's sweet grace, I am come along way.

Why did I start going this direction on the blog? I read lots of bad advice and was in search of something good, and quite honestly found is why:

Stats of police couples:

According to police while the national average is 48% of marriages end in divorce, law enforcement is closer to 75%...yikes and this is the part I hate...the dumb dumb excuses why:

Law enforcement officers and other first responders face extraordinary challenges in marriage and family relationships due to factors such as chronic job stress and irregular work schedules. Studies have shown that law enforcement officers who experience ongoing stress are more likely to display anger, distance themselves from their family members, and have unsatisfactory marriage and family relationships. In addition, domestic stress and crises often affect the job performance of first responders. Some of the unique stressors experienced by law enforcement officers include carrying a gun, working hours that are unusual or interfere with holidays or family events, and being on call for emergencies. These individuals, whose service is vital to their communities and their country, are at high risk for divorce.

Here it goes...I am going to say it, only because I have lived it...those are just excuses like anything else, but that is the majority and reality of our world and believe me it has and still continues to be challenging.

But this is our story about how we make it work and enjoy life along the way...

~an officer and a mrs.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


This is a house wife shout out post. Even if you are a working lady, or a working mom, you know how you also manage your home, clean, do the occasional load of laundry...etc.

I was good at all these things by the way, until the fox and the fact that I am staying at home came into the mix...then all my organizational skills jumped off our apartment balcony and drown in the pool below...yep.

Now, somehow, my messy officer is cleaner than I am...this is a hard reality for me to admit.

I can't really decide how and when this happened. I want to believe that it happens because I am just that attentive to Roxie and that I am reading my bible when I am not devoting all my time to Roxie...but that would be false. I do, however do stations with Roxie daily and spend most of my time working with, playing with, feeding and loving her but there is still a lot of time to keep my house in order.

I am focusing some time on Proverbs 31. Keep in mind I know this could easily get me discouraged but how quick are we too read a bunch of organizing books, buy a bunch of containers and expect to be suddenly a person of order. Confession- i have done all of those things, but I realize I must first work on my heart and pray that Lord gives me a heart of order and shows me where my focus needs to be.

Taking this one for some Christmas pictures tomorrow....OH.MY.GOSH. Its going to be presh!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

officer and a mrs

This is the first of many updates to my blog.

The focus of my life changed the second Roxie arrived and I couldn't be more grateful for this new adventure and the angel I have been entrusted with. Officer and I love every second of her.

I am still doing weddings as they come up, but this blog will be about our life. The baby girl, the officer and me.

Being a wife to the officer has been the biggest adventure and challenge of my life. I imagine it will always be that way, because many of the every day things that come with it, are completely opposite of my personality....needless to say I have been stretched in ways I never thought possible. The Lord has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.

Officer and I are documenting our life and hoping to do something with it some day. Its hilarious to me that we do this every day sometimes. Not because its exceptionally hard or really all that crazy, its just not what I thought we would be doing if you asked me 5 years ago...but this is where God brought us and he has made it pretty clear, this is what he designed us to do.

Join us for our crazy life...the officer and the mrs....and the baby.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Good early morning bloggers,

Its freezing drizzling outside, baby girl is asleep and I am wide awake with our Christmas tree lights filling the room.

We have had an amazing series going on at our church, called ThanksLiving. Its convicted me in almost every area of my life, but specifically how hard it is to hold Roxanne with an open hand before the Lord.

Ever read the story of Hannah? When the Lord gave her Samuel, she gave Samuel to the Lord. That story has been in my mind alot lately. Most because I can't imagine a mother being able to do that, but of all people to give our children too...shouldn't it be God.

For all you new moms, you are in the heat of it. The early days are trying and hard, but when you get out of them, it gives you even more reason to think you deserve to hold your sweet baby with your hand tightly around them and as I look at my beautiful daughter, perfect, without wrinkles, or wounds from our broken world, I pray she lives a long life and dies of old age in her sleep and that time and the world are good to her. I pray she doesn't have to suffer or learn things the hard way, but most importantly I pray she loves the Lord.

The Lord is showing me I must first be able to love Him with all my heart. How else will my sweet Roxanne know and understand this? Through the Officer and I- that's how. Her earthly mom and dad.

Lord, keep Roxanne safe, grow her to a healthy young woman who loves you with all her heart and soul. Make us parents who model this for her and seek you first before anything else in our lives.

If you follow me...I am making some changes. Weddings used to be the sole focus of this blog and it will be shifting to what my life is now about. My baby and my officer. I am sure one day I will move back to wedding talk, but that is secondary to my new role and new path the Lord has us on...stay tuned.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mom of a 3 month old

I wanted to share my update as a mother now for 3 months. As Roxie grows, so do I because this is a brand new journey for me as well.

I keep thinking of where I was a year ago each month because up until December, this time last year I was not pregnant or planning on being pregnant.

At three months, I am back in my old clothes...but that is about the only "old" thing that returns. I am in a new routine with a new self I look at in the mirror.

I realize more than ever my need for our Savior. I am a natural server, but that doesn't make me unselfish. I am a very selfish person still, but a baby shows you how unimportant you are and that there is very little room for selfishness.

I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to protect Roxanne. Its the strangest feeling. Being a scared and cautious person, its weird to be filled with so much strength and courage regarding my daughter.

I catch myself craving freedom some times, wishing I could go to a movie, head out on a run, sneak away with my officer...but that is usually when Rox is sleeping or having a fit, which for her are very short...than she flashes that smile that reminds me so much of her daddy and I am beyond thankful for the gift of her life. I can't believe, STILL, that I am entrusted to raise her and teach her about God. It overwhelms the heck out of me, but has brought me to a beautiful place with the Lord, because I can't do it without Him.

Roxanne, I pray you love Jesus, and that you see the Lord's work in your dad and me. I also pray you know how much I love you. I pray you never doubt the father's love or your momma's love. And if you do one day, I pray that he surrounds you with wonderful people to remind you of his goodness. That has been the sweetest reminder in my life. I love you lamb!


Roxanne Renee's sweet name

This post has been in the works for a long time. I thought I would finish baby girl now that you are sleeping 10-12 hours! You are such a stud!

Roxanne (meaning: dawn, bright, star)

This is one of my most favorite names in the world. First of all its my sister and best friend's middle name and second its my great-grandmother's name who is also the person that lead my mother to know Jesus. She was called, "Roxie". This name is full of spunk and so much legacy. I always liked the idea of having a family name and I was thrilled when Jeff also liked it. Its so special to me to see spunk and personality in my sweet Roxie and know she is carrying quite the legacy with her.

Renee (meaning: reborn)

This is also a name I always have loved and it is my sweet sister-in-law's middle name. Jeff is also very close to his sister and holds her very dear to his heart so it was so fun for us to pick a name with each of our sister's names in it.

Roxie Re, as I often call her, has two strong woman represented in her name that I can't wait to explain to her one day. We thank the Lord every day for our wonderful sisters and legacy in our family.

Jeff and I solidified this name while sitting in the waiting room, before we were admitted to begin the inducing process. You see, we were convinced Fox was a boy...boy were we wrong. It was pretty easy because we both thought it would be so special for our daughter, man did we weep when we saw our baby and that she was a GIRL!!

3 months


You are 3 months here is what we have discovered...

-you are busy and ready to take off but just haven't quite figured out how.
-you love laughing and smiling
-you can hold your head up really strong
-you love sitting up with the big girls
-you love college football (or all the colors)
-you have added Nebraska and Lubbock t0 your world travels

You met your great-great grandmother- this was so special to me that we got to share this moment together.

You now sleep about 10 hours a night and have a nice long morning nap but really only nap in 40 min intervals the rest of the day.

You love music and toys

You might be teething soon considering the amount of drool and how often you put anything and everything in your mouth

You ADORE your hands

You have learned to grab at your mobile, splash during your bath and like to stick things in between your buttons.

You are curious and adventurous and I cant wait to see this play out in your personality as you get older.

You weighed 12.8 pounds at your 3 month mark and we got to share this birthday together. My 25th and your 3 months!! Lunch at Mi Cocina with the girls and you was the best.

I love you and feel like the luckiest mom to spend every day with you!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roxie does Maui

Can you believe this kid? She smiled right as a rainbow showed up so we had to do the classic Simba pose with her.

We did it, for better or worse, we ventured to Maui, Hawaii with a two month old. Despite whatever some of you may be thinking, Rox was a champ...a total Rox-star.

I got some great tips from this blog and this blog.
This was my carry-ons for the plane (for breast-feeding/pumping mom's)
-breast pump with extra batteries
-3 ready to go bottles in a cooler that keeps things cool for 13 hours (
-4 empty bottles for pumping (8 hour flight)
-2 disposable changing table cloths
-2 disposable burp cloths
-1 blanket
-1 swaddler
-1 extra sleeper outfit
-2 raddle toy
-2 passies
-hand santi
-wipes (i didnt have enough of these)

I carried her through security and in the airport in an ergo baby carrier I borrowed from a friend. This was great because she could sleep and it had a front pocket where I had my cell phone, boarding pass, ID and diaper for an emergency or a quick change.

The secret ingredient for the plane was that we also carried on the boppy. It was perfect because once in the plane, you are not allowed to keep a baby in the front carrier so I could lay her in the boppy so we could get a rest and she could still sleep comfortably. The week before we left I had her nap a few times in the boppy so it was familiar.

I brought 85 diapers to Maui and had 10 left, she wore all her outfits except for 3 and I did one load of laundry in 8 days there.

My sister-in-law and I both rented some baby gear from a local place. If you ever travel to Maui I 100% recommend renting from them. It was clean, great quality and it was in our hotel rooms upon arrival. I checked her car seat in a case I got from babies r us and then rented a crib, jogging stroller, swing, and baby tent for $110 for the whole week. It was completely worth it!

 Officer, baby girl, my mother-in-law and father-in-law, sister-in-law, Jackie and Brother-in-law Aaron, and niece, Blakely
 Blakely our niece is the funniest little girl on the planet!
 our sweet family...doesnt the background look fake!?
Whole family after the vow-renewal.

It was a blessed vacation!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovey, Lampb, pumpkin bear, fox, roxie ray turns 2 months!!!

I know, isn't she just too much and you cant get enough? That's how I feel about you sweet Roxie Renee!

At your 2 month appointment:

-weigh 10 pounds 9 ounces
-are 22.5 inches long
-enjoy time in your bumbo and on your tummy time mat where you can look in the mirror
-found your thumb and despite MANY opinions about this from the world, I think its the cutest thing I have ever seen and don't mind one bit.
-can hold your head up for long periods of time
-coo and laugh and SMILE. Your dad and I race in to your room when you wake up because you smile the second you see us. It's the BEST feeling in the world!
-want to talk so bad. You mouth different vowels and sound we make, but no sound comes out just yet
-have slept 9 hours on your best night and 6 on your worst night...not bad little girl
-hardly ever cry except when you are really hungry
-have to have thickener added to your milk because your throat isn't quite strong enough so momma pumps to feed you
-have been to MAUI with your daddy's side of the about some good travel. You were a star baby when we were there and even put your little feet in the pacific ocean!
-are going to love your cousin Blakely. We all can't wait to see you guys play together one day!
-are the light of our world and have ushered us into parenthood with fun and ease.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Lovey Lamb turns 6 weeks!

Meet the most perfect and beautiful little girl you have ever laid eyes on....
How in the world was I blessed and entrusted with such a gift. She is an absolute pearl.

I am in love.

Fox- we did it! We passed the 6 week mark. The time that everyone calls the hardest, the "dark days". We survived. Sure, there were definitely some dark days and hard moments but wow, are you a joy. You smile, you coo, you sleep well (on your best night 7 hours straight and on your worst night 3 hours), you are social, you behave so well when mom does things during the day, you look like both your parents, and you could do nothing and still be the greatest thing to ever happen to us. But that is the miracle of a child. You learn so much about God's unconditional love when you have your very own. She could do nothing amazing and I would still be over the moon for you.

I love you sweet Roxie Renee.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ONE month

Foxy Roxie, the Fox, RoxStar, lamb, punkin bear....

In your first month of life...

You were jaundice and spent 3 days on a big blue light
Found out to be allergic to dairy
A victim of acid reflux
Made your first trip to the ER


Weigh 9.3 pounds and are
21.5 inches long


Are a complete sass...which I am not surprised. You pull on mommy's hair or necklaces or whatever you can.

You hold your hands in fists when you eat or you like to hold tight to mommy's finger.

You are a total woo girl and every time I wake you up you throw your hands above your head.

You make a blue steel look when you poop which cracks your daddy and I up.

You are SUCH a good sleeper and happy baby but some nights...You have just had it and cry and fuss ALOT.

You are getting more blond and your eyes more blue. On the first day of your life you looked just like me but as the days go on you look more like your daddy.

You have given your dad and me both our own special genuine smile that has made me cry and melted your dad's heart.

You have changed my world love and I am just CRAZY about you! Every night I pray you grow to love the Lord and I pray for the husband that is out there too. I pray that you treasure the person God made you and that you see your dad and I cherish each other.

For me, I survived month one of being a parent. It is such a refining process and I understand the love of our Father like I never have. I LOVE this little one like I never knew possible but also struggle at this different life I now live. My job is Roxanne and oh boy, it sure is full time. R-E-S-P-E-C-T to all moms and moms who have more than one. JUST. SAYIN.

She is developing more of a personality and I look forward to seeing more smiles. She is starting to recognize me and oh my- that makes it pretty darn worth it.

Here is too many many more months of your life fox and watching you grow into your own beautiful person!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Officer, a three week old and a train wreck

That is what makes up our family. I am the train wreck if you didn't pick up on that, and don't get me wrong, I am the most joyful train wreck you have ever seen...but definitely a train wreck.

In the weeks following giving birth, new moms have little to no sleep, emotions like a roller coaster and total loss of time to care about one's hygiene or looks....if you catch me on the right day I can cry on cue about the idea of crying. Not to get out of a ticket or to get something I want...just because I can cry or should I say weep all the time. I think its the fact that while pregnant I was getting 9 hours of sleep and now I get anywhere from 3-6 on a good night. Some days this is plenty but others its rough and everyone can tell. I hear this goes on pretty strong for the first 6 weeks...some husbands call it the "dark days" which is quite hilarious to me.

My sweet Roxie is 3 weeks old today...half way through the "dark days". In her first 3 weeks of life she was jaundice, lost a little too much weight, became colic and then we discovered acid reflux. All these things you would think would equal the worst baby on the planet, but she is still the best little lamb on the planet. She smiles (even though my nurse-to-be sister swears they don't smile this early), she coos, she sleeps, she can put her self to sleep and she sleeps with this beautiful look on her face that melts her momma's heart. However, because of these issues, we have had some HARD days and I mean hard. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world but on certain days where she cried for hours to high to count I am thankful for the Lord who relieves me of the pressure to do it all on my own.

My biggest encouragement is this: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me....Phil 4:13

This might seem cliche to you...but that is the honest truth. I have never appreciated a verse more. My quiet times look different than they used to and these days the simpler verses have gotten me through. They are the one's I can repeat over and over in the late hours of the night, or driving around Addison, praying Rox falls asleep. I want to turn to people and doctors to give me the instant fix, but the Lord is teaching me to turn to him and then and only then will I have every thing I need to be the best mom for Roxanne.

So what does that mean? I might be a train wreck for the next few weeks. I will look at my fashion blogs and fitness blogs that I adore, but be ok that I am just not quite there. I will be, that is the beauty of it, but for now I am hoping to brush my teeth in the morning and night, shower an appropriate amount, wear my hair in something besides a pony tail at least once a week, and get laundry done. Meanwhile I celebrate this morning, the fact that I get to care for Roxie all day long. I don't have to gear up for heading back to full time work anytime soon. Its just me and her and for that, I will look like a train wreck. for this little beauty...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roxanne Renee Douthit's Birth Story

Confession: I have been working on this post since the day after we brought Roxie home from the hospital. It has taken me awhile because as a new mom and first time mom, I am filled with so many emotions every day. I am a total feeler and big time emotional gal but I am often over come by these emotions and do not know how to articulate everything.

I am not a writer, so if sentences don't make complete sense to you or I miss grammatical details, I apologize. All I know is my life made the biggest change it has EVER made on August 15th 2011 and this is the story...

My faith in the Lord has always been a strength of mine. Have you ever heard of strength finder 2.0? Its amazing. Click here for the book and take it to see your strengths. It helps you understand yourself and your spouse really well. Anyway, belief is my number 1 strength and it has been something that has made me successful in my jobs but also made me unable to commit to things because if I can't 100% believe in what I am doing, I cant do it. I am not a "BS" girl. I tell you all this because I had an amazing birth experience and my faith and belief in the Lord grew dearing this experience, not because I had an easy delivery, but because God is such an artist in the way he grows a child inside you and then all of the sudden, she is before you, breathing oxygen with eyes wide open.

Let me first say, the girl has rocked my world. Stopped me dead in my selfish tracks. She came into this world alert, full of attitude and ready to rock. She is a really fun combination of Jeff and I and its so fun to see these things each day. She is teaching my achieving, task oriented self to slow down and allow her to take time to not be on the perfect schedule I want her on and reminds me every day what a gift she is.

After 10 months of thinking I was growing a sweet baby boy (we decided not to find out) my husband tearfully announced on August 15, 2011 at 9:57am that...I had just given birth to a GIRL....she has been in our life 2 weeks and I will never be the same.

About 4 weeks ago our doctor started telling me that my particular body type wouldn't handle giving birth to more than about a 7.5 pound we watched it. Two weeks ago she decided that the best way to avoid a C-section would be to schedule an induction a week early. We set the appointment to come in on August 14th. The week before was an extremely emotional and special week for me as I closed a chapter at my full time job- Watermark. I got to be a part of this amazing team, and sit in the "Mega" which has been my second community group this past year. I love these girls and was so sad to leave them. they blessed me with an awesome last week and Saturday Jeff and I ran errands, returned some baby things, packed our bags and spent our last night in the apartment just the two of us.

Sunday morning we slept in, I ate a PBJ, thinking I would get one last meal at the hospital and we headed to the hospital.

We arrived, checked in, started the blessed process of cervical ripening and began 7 hours of pain, contractions and NO MOVEMENT....disappointed momma-2-be. They told me at 10pm on Sunday night that it would probably be Monday evening before I would be meeting my little one, so I took some pain medicine in my IV so that I could sleep. At mid-night ON THE DOT...I woke because my water broke and then heavy contractions followed. I got my epidural at 12:30am and was dilated to a 2. I woke up at 5:30am and was at a 6.5....the epidural was the best and I mean BEST thing ever. Best experience, great anatiesiologist and great balance for what I could feel and couldn't feel. I was able to sleep 5.5 hours and wake up refreshed to begin serious laboring. Our whole family got to hang out with us from about 7-8am and then at 8am I felt sick to my stomach so they left. My nurse checked me and revealed I was at a 10 and ready to go.

In the room was my amazing doctor, who stayed with us almost the whole time, my wonderful nurse Cheryl, my sister and my husband. what a perfect team. Nat got to learn so much and prove she is in the perfect job for her gifting. She is going to be an amazing nurse in less than a year!! Jeff couldn't have been a better coach and support. He spoke encouragement to me, held my neck which was in pain and was so loving. I have fallen more in love with him through this experience and can't imagine not having him there. He is such a gift to me and Rox.

She came right before 10am and Jeff announced to the room we had a GIRL!!

I have had a great recovery and have been showered with care and love from our family. God has blessed Jeff and I so much!! Here is our angel:

First day of perfect
 Leaving the hospital with our baby girl!!!
5 days old. This is one of my favorite faces she makes.
 lounging on momma's knees...sweet baby
this is an appropriate picture of her ever present sassy side
 My Roxie and me!
2 weeks!!!

I loved my birth process and the whole journey of bring Roxanne into this world. I feel so blessed to have such a great story. I TOTALLY and completely recommend Medical City Dallas to everyone, I really dont have a bad thing to say. More to come in life after bring Rox into our world!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions of a Momma to Be

Hi Bloggers,

I anticipate not alot of updates from me until the baby comes. The first tri-mester monster has come back here in the third trimester and taken all my energy and regular appetite.

Many women wear pregnancy really well. They nest, and glow and explore baking and finish the nursery months in advance. To be honest, I always thought this is how I would be. I thought I would be so on top of it and ahead of the game but I am not.

I do the opposite of nest. I used to be a nester. Who had to have everything spick and spam, Decor up on all the walls in the whole apartment within the first week we move in and super wife. Ha. We have lived in our new apartment over a month and all the walls are not done. Laundry has stacked to new heights, changing the sheets on the bed prompts a nap, and i just vacuumed for the first time. YIKES. I cooked one time in the past month. Two bakings....and the nursery. Is a room full of great potential but it is definitely not done.

Old me would not know what to do with this new me. Old me would have probably judged this girl I have currently become but here is why I am so grateful the Lord has taken me through this season. I need help, I am not super woman, and all accomplishments I have had are all because the Lord has empowered me to do so. I am learning its ok to ask for help, and to not have it all together for a facebook album. It's most important that I am ready to shepherd and mother. It isn't about me looking the part, which I realize I really get stuck on, but being the part. I can nap, or rest or get worn out at easy tasks.

I have 7 almost 6 weeks until my due date, and I feel like baby will come early because I keep counting on the baby to arrive right on time and on my schedule. Haha- that is not how life works.

My favorite read right now, that I highly recommend to mom-to-be's to read to prepare your heart for baby is:

Its sooo good. It challenges you to prepare for the things that really matter and she has lots of examples from her own life.
READ it.

So for these next 6 weeks...hopefully I will update when the baby room is done because it really is going to be adorable!

Until then-


Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi bloggers...what up? Mrs. Douthit is actually still alive and kickin...just crazy busy preparing for baby D!!

Here was our CRAZY month!

 My baby brother graduated from high school and we had all the fam into celebrate!!
I had my first shower!! So fun!! Elephant themed in honor of Baby D's room!!

 I exploded with lots of baby at 28 weeks...the day of our big move!
 29 weeks it only grew BIGGER!!!
 We spend LOTS of time with our sweet pup Minnie....
 My new shower curtain in our new master bath...COBALT blue is my FAVE right now!
 Our new master bedroom is grey and blue and we love it....I posted earlier about how we got our comforter new from West Elm (my love) on sale and these henna curtains from
 The baby room....looks like this. Boxes still every where but its progress and I cant wait for a nursery post!
 Hi, meet my niece and fall in love. We do every time we see Blakely and we just spent this past weekend with her! LOVE!
My latest project in our living room....I am way into massive wall here is what I have done so far...

Wow...SO much left to do. We toured the labor delivery wing of our hospital that baby D will arrive at in just 10 WEEKS!! And as I looked at the check list I thought...ok we have 10 FULL weeks ahead of us.
Some fun things I am looking into purchasing...all extras but fun pregnant thing....

A matchy matchy hospital gown found HERE!

The Sony Bloggie Camcorder for baby videos that come in some CUTE colors

An iPhone 4 so the officer and I can face time with baby while he is on his long shifts

And a real sweet lazy boy rocking chair for baby and I to have long talks about life in...

This has been a great season of life that the Lord has constantly shown his provision. He has taught me so much in order to be this little one's momma and I just cant wait.

Nursery coming SOON!!