Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflections from a pregnant lady!!


Im having a quiet night in. Was sick all last week...and felt some ickyness coming back so I am home having a quiet night in.

Chick flick...check

grilled cheese with spinach and avacado inspired by this lady...check


Sweet kicks from baby...favorite check.

In the spirit of all the change in our life, Jeff and I decided to purchase some new furniture and start a new look for our home to bring baby home too...

All inspiration started at West Elm....ooooooooo....ahhhhh. Be still my heart, this place makes me swoon.

 Lots of searching and we decided on this pin tuck duvet in slate

These are are curtains.

And more to come...

Its been fun to pick out some grown up pieces and I can't wait to post pictures of our newly furnished place!!

I am especially excited to get the baby room together!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perks, pains and oh so Pregnant

So being pregnant has its hilarious advantages.

You get an excuse to act a little crazier. You get to be waited on. You can talk about things that would normally make people what is going on inside you and the development of your baby...which has been really funny for me because I am normally the person that gags on Grey's Anatomy or gets sick at the sight of your blood pressure being taken. But for this baby inside me, I love getting to know every detail about the development. Maybe because we ARE NOT finding out if its a boy or a girl until it is in my arms this August....I know its CRAZY. The most control happy woman on the planet is NOT FINDING OUT...if I can do it sister...anyone can....

But here are the down sides...I get the flu every Spring. The kind that I get two flu shots to prepare, take vitamin C every day and still am out for the week on pain medicine. Well I got a virus going around this weekend...that involves a NASTY cough, flem, a SUCKER PUNCH type headache, body ache, and some VOMit...not fun....

So then I call my doctor to find out what I can take...NOTHING but regular extra strength and I can have as much water and Gatorade as I want...woohoo. Anyway I hope things start looking up today...its going around my whole family lasting 3-5 days...beware world. I think its going around every where.

OK so now on to my STRETCH MARK REMEDY...or as I like to call it, my magic potion. So I did a lot of research on these creams because there are so many out there. They cost about $30-50  for a travel size tube so I wondered can I make this my self? Well my hair dresser told me she didn't get any stretch marks and she applied a home mix of cocoa butter and vitamin C oil every night before bed. 

Well and Fit Pregnancy all recommend vitamin E oil. So I ventured over to Whole Foods and purchased this great smelling, hydrating goodness:

Jason is the smells like a beach
I am a HUGE fan of Dove products so I have been using the cream oil with shea butter...
This is another fav shea butter lotion also...I change out between this one and the DOVE. This one can be a little more sticky because its all organic but it smells like lavendar fields and mixed with the vitamin E oil makes for a constantly soft mommy-to be.

The vitamin E oil goes a long way so use very carefully. I use two little drops for each stretch mark vulnerable region.

So...I am home for the third day in a row sick. Pack on the anti-oxidants, vitamin C, green tea and stay away from the sickly (no matter how much you love them) because NOTHING is worse than being sick and PREG....the only thing I can take is tylenol extra strength....thats it.

For a cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, body ache...this does not do much....its horrible. So today I am backing on the berries, green tea, and vitamin C. 

Hopefully I will join you the public tomorrow...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey friends...

I am alive.

I am almost 17 weeks pregnant.

I am in the, what I like to call "tweener" stage of pregnancy.

Maternity clothes look ridiculous and my cute clothes are tight and make me look like I ate one too many burritos.

SO WHAT AM I LEFT WITH?? uniform shirts from HIGH SCHOOL- shout out to Parker uniform wearers from back in the day and stretchy pants. I have been drooling like crazy on this blog dreaming of the days I will get to dress cute again.

I have been swimming, lifting and running about two miles at a time. I start every day with a protein shake and conclude every day with thin mints and/or a corn dog. BABY LOVES CORN DOGS AND HOT DOGS....I know I am one sick preggy...but what baby wants baby gets.

The highlights...I am growing a baby. The Lord is refining me to be a better woman and follower of him. And life is sweet. I enjoy my job and I love the hustle and bustle. I feel so blessed that the Lord has allowed me to enjoy every stage of being pregnant and not be anxious for the future but content to be where I am at.

That is an update from what has been a blogging slump. I have the best anti-stretch cream mixture I am going to share because all ingredients can be found at Whole Foods (insert big sigh of love right here) and Walgreens. It smells like a beach and makes your skin super elastic and soft....get EXCITED because its two ingredients.

Good night bloggies.