Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roxie does Maui

Can you believe this kid? She smiled right as a rainbow showed up so we had to do the classic Simba pose with her.

We did it, for better or worse, we ventured to Maui, Hawaii with a two month old. Despite whatever some of you may be thinking, Rox was a champ...a total Rox-star.

I got some great tips from this blog and this blog.
This was my carry-ons for the plane (for breast-feeding/pumping mom's)
-breast pump with extra batteries
-3 ready to go bottles in a cooler that keeps things cool for 13 hours (
-4 empty bottles for pumping (8 hour flight)
-2 disposable changing table cloths
-2 disposable burp cloths
-1 blanket
-1 swaddler
-1 extra sleeper outfit
-2 raddle toy
-2 passies
-hand santi
-wipes (i didnt have enough of these)

I carried her through security and in the airport in an ergo baby carrier I borrowed from a friend. This was great because she could sleep and it had a front pocket where I had my cell phone, boarding pass, ID and diaper for an emergency or a quick change.

The secret ingredient for the plane was that we also carried on the boppy. It was perfect because once in the plane, you are not allowed to keep a baby in the front carrier so I could lay her in the boppy so we could get a rest and she could still sleep comfortably. The week before we left I had her nap a few times in the boppy so it was familiar.

I brought 85 diapers to Maui and had 10 left, she wore all her outfits except for 3 and I did one load of laundry in 8 days there.

My sister-in-law and I both rented some baby gear from a local place. If you ever travel to Maui I 100% recommend renting from them. It was clean, great quality and it was in our hotel rooms upon arrival. I checked her car seat in a case I got from babies r us and then rented a crib, jogging stroller, swing, and baby tent for $110 for the whole week. It was completely worth it!

 Officer, baby girl, my mother-in-law and father-in-law, sister-in-law, Jackie and Brother-in-law Aaron, and niece, Blakely
 Blakely our niece is the funniest little girl on the planet!
 our sweet family...doesnt the background look fake!?
Whole family after the vow-renewal.

It was a blessed vacation!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lovey, Lampb, pumpkin bear, fox, roxie ray turns 2 months!!!

I know, isn't she just too much and you cant get enough? That's how I feel about you sweet Roxie Renee!

At your 2 month appointment:

-weigh 10 pounds 9 ounces
-are 22.5 inches long
-enjoy time in your bumbo and on your tummy time mat where you can look in the mirror
-found your thumb and despite MANY opinions about this from the world, I think its the cutest thing I have ever seen and don't mind one bit.
-can hold your head up for long periods of time
-coo and laugh and SMILE. Your dad and I race in to your room when you wake up because you smile the second you see us. It's the BEST feeling in the world!
-want to talk so bad. You mouth different vowels and sound we make, but no sound comes out just yet
-have slept 9 hours on your best night and 6 on your worst night...not bad little girl
-hardly ever cry except when you are really hungry
-have to have thickener added to your milk because your throat isn't quite strong enough so momma pumps to feed you
-have been to MAUI with your daddy's side of the about some good travel. You were a star baby when we were there and even put your little feet in the pacific ocean!
-are going to love your cousin Blakely. We all can't wait to see you guys play together one day!
-are the light of our world and have ushered us into parenthood with fun and ease.