Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday FAVS

Happy Friday!!!

This week flew by. We have a busy day ahead of this, but I realized how much I like reading blogs that do some sort of favorite during the week so I decided to try it out!!

My FAVORITE new blog discovery who always makes it worth your reading pleasure!

My FAVORITE item on my summer wish list!!

My FAVORITE new etsy shop (I am a COMPLETE etsy junkie and half of Roxie's style come from there!)
My FAVORITE crafting product right now is spray pain chalkboard. I put it on everything. I am totally obsessed. If you are due for a birthday or a shower from me in the near future, chalkboard paint will most likely be included.

Rox loved it too!
My FAVORITE picture of my loves this week!! She is such a ham!

My FAVORITE teething toy is Sophie. We never leave home without her. Clearly its a hit!

Have a great weekend!! 

~an Officer and a Mrs.