Friday, January 15, 2016

What I wish I would have known as a young officer wife.

So we just went back to nights. Oh the dread I had. Oh the anxiety and stress. Oh the hate I always had.

But this time has been different. While there are SO many things different about it. The biggest thing I wish I would have known as a young officer wife is how incredibly ok it is to not be ok. To need encouragement and help and support. I didn't know how much I needed it then but now I see how the support of friends ushered me into a wonderful run at nights. It fueled me and gave me life.

Ladies- if you have friends who work shift work, are married to a shift worker or officer surprise them with something thoughtful. This life CAN be isolating but it doesn't have to be. My community of friends truly blew me away. Some meals, some surprises, help with kids, stop bys for girls time, etc. It just made me feel so loved and fueled to do this life! You know when you experience friends who make you want to be better friends? BE that for people. Its just the greatest gift to receive I tell you!

This is about to hang in our house as our new family mantra.

House of Belonging

 I am just obsessed with it. The whole idea of it is what lead us to police work this time around. Being foolishly courageous and taking daring risks. I am so thankful that the Lord is near and allowed me to hear him calling us back here. One day I will tell you the story. You really wont believe it.

I would tell my young self to believe this, and to believe in this job more. If you are a young wife hating the police life or shift life really. I have.been.there. It is SO hard. But hang tight. Its a noble and needed thing.

You want normal? Make a normal for you. Young police wife wanted normal so bad. I begged for normal and what is that? This time we are blazing new trails and make a normal for our family.

I would tell my young self to laugh more at all the stories officer had/has to tell. I was just so over them you know? But just as much as I want him to laugh at the 27th story of the twins doing something funny with poop, he wants me to laugh at his stories.

Simple things. But they make all the difference.

I married an officer. not a mr.