Monday, November 23, 2015

An Officer and a Mrs.

Well hello again. My last post was about the time everything changed. Officer decided to try out being a mister.

We moved.

Found out we were pregnant.
with twins.

Moved again.

Spent two sweet years working on our marriage in an 8-5pm job with great people and a great schedule.

And now. We are back. Obviously a lot happened during that time. But that sums it up quite sweetly. I wrote a post I never published about us leaving police life. It is strange to me I never posted it but I also think I always knew we would be back.

I definitely thought life would be easier on the other side. My marriage would get better, I would be a better..everything. But guess what? It wasn't better and I wasn't better, because my heart was what needed changing not my circumstances.

What did I learn? The Lord is SO faithful. He provided and cared for us in the best ways. Some of the time it was a desert and He still provided SO much joy. Even now as I write this, on the Officer's first day back in police work, times are tight and a little tough but we have so much confidence this is where we should be. Can there be anything sweeter than that?

We return on a mission and the world is not offering us a walk in the park. I am proud of my officer for following the Lord back here. We return to the same department and same great people. What a community. We feel blessed.

I married an officer. Not a mister.