Monday, January 31, 2011

Green Monster


The facts:
-I am 11 weeks pregnant.
-I have the teeny tiniest bump
-I am getting my energy back
-I have to eat just about every three hours or I puke...
-I am struggling with SO many insecurities since I found out I was pregnant....and that is what I want to share....

So, like I said my insecurities have been under attack since I found out I was pregnant. I know these things are not from the Lord, but yet they flood my every way. From the thoughts about being a good mom, and raising my child in a family that loves the Lord. Being able to love my husband, manage a house, raise a baby, and work...

Then there are the really SELFISH things...will I be able to keep up my own appearances on our new tight budget? Will I be able to keep dressing the same? What if I get fat and cant go to the gym like I used to? Will I ever get to run a marathon?

The Internet is full of blogs and sights that make you want. WANT WANT WANT. From that girl who works out EVERY day and obsesses over her body, to the girl with all the best clothes and sporting the latest trends, to the one with the perfect house and amazing decor....they are always going to be there and the ugly green monster inside of me will always be battling those things...but what kind of mom would I be if what I am pouring my thoughts and worry into as I am preparing to shepherd a life were thoughts ALL about me. The Lord has blessed me with a baby- I get to start raising a child with a husband who loves me.

I might not be the one with the great tan, perfect body, great house, and a wardrobe that Vogue would do a special addition on, but I have been blessed with the gift of life and the Lord is in control and so sovereign. I am so undeserving of his grace but so thankful for it.

So readers, that is where I am...honestly. I have found its help me to be real about where I am at as I go through this season of is a picture of where we are at. Not showing enough for a bump picture but a good reminder of how big baby is...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cookie is my new whole grain

So...I woke up this morning and as usual- I felt my usual dry-heaving coming I grab an oreo (one of the few food groups my body has accepted in the past month). Opps...I ate two.

Ok- I am starting to feel a little better and eat good things for me again so as I am craving starchy goodness and as that is sooo soothing to the tummy I then grabbed a whole grain english muffin, toasted it with a little butter and a little Peanut Butter Company all natural strawberry jelly. YUM...

Have you ever had Peanut Butter Company? Check them out and find their yummy products at most all grocery stores I have visited.

AWESOME discovery for future maternity clothes that I can wear now.

So I have them with a pink fold over top, but they are super great leggings!!!

My Little Lime Sublime

Well want to know what the big change coming to this blog? The biggest change my life has ever seen....

after shock.....
Overwhelmed anxiousness
Encouragement from friends and family....
Thankfulness to my Sweet Father in heaven.
STILL...more vomit.
Aww....came this....

This is how big the baby inside me is RIGHT NOW!! That's right peeps. Jeffery and I are welcoming our first baby to the world on August 20, 2011!!!!

Its technically the size of a prune at 10 weeks and a lime at 11 weeks but the size isn't that different and I think comparing my baby to a wrinkled prune is icky.

This blog is about to be my journey through this season. Lots of emotions the Lord is working in me right now. This wasn't our plan, but what a plan it is turning out to be.

I am attempting to eat healthy...however since I'm sick as a dog (or should I say a preggo woman) I have only lost weight and have been living on donuts and strawberry flavored starchy yummyness (one of the only things that stays in my belly). So the Doc said- get through your first 14 weeks...THEN try the healthy weight.

I am still working out...but no marathon. I have decreased my cardio quite a bit and INCREASED my weights and toning ALOT!!! 

I went from sleeping 5 hours a day to 10 hours a day...haha so my house is a disaster...uncharacteristically me.

Get ready for some good preg stories, budget cutting, money saving tips. and cheap ways to do maternity with style.

No bump yet but I have seen the baby. Boy. is that magical. I know not everyone gets to experience this gift. And I am so grateful that my father has allowed me to experience this. It is truly a gift, even if you are sick majority of the time!


Soon-to-be-mommy D

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well Hey Bloggers,

Who ever might still be following my horrible blogging self...I do realize its been 3 weeks since I last blogged but allot has been going on in the Douthit house. More to come on that. :)

For starters, this blog is going to start to look a lot different. I have taken on some new parts to my job and more job responsibilities = more to blog about.

Next, my sweet hubs changed his work schedule and that means I get to spend about 2 nights with him a week...very hard adjustment for me.

Next, I have been injure and will no longer get to run my FIRST ever marathon in Feb...though the snow out my window is not necessarily beckoning me to run...I do miss my cold runs.

And last- I have been sick and extremely tired as a result. So thanks for being patient.

For the new year, I have decided to document the little things I am thankful for because I think the little things add up to a great life and I need to remember how great mine is.

So here we go. This might help you get to know me more if you don't.

I am thankful that after we see a movie, my husband talks in whatever accent they do for about a week.

He loves to make me whatever the cost.

Our little tiny apartment smells wonderful because it only takes one candle to fill the whole place.

We have yet to turn the heater on because the $20 space heater I bought at target also fills the entire apartment with warmth.

Our bathroom always smells of my organic lavender soap because husband likes to use it just as much as I do...that is a secret of his.

My family lives close and I am so grateful for that.

We call my sister Gu because she loves drama and memories of her childhood usually have our family laughing at every gathering we have. And she allows us to laugh until we cry.

My grandparents wedding anniversary is almost exactly 50 years ahead of Jeff and I.

I work with 4 ladies who are some of my closest friends. I love going to work.

Simply lemonade with raspberry is my favorite drink in 2011 (so far) and I don't care that I am drinking calories.

I go to the gym as often and I can but it doesn't rule my life.

The Lord is teaching me about control and how freeing it is to give it all to Him...its quite the lesson.

More updates to come. I feel like the next few entries will be about all the changes in 2011.