Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Suit

Well...I haven't updated on winter running wear yet because I went to the doctor and he post-poned my running for a bit...a loose knee cap and inflammation are putting my running on hold....HOWEVER...good news...

The January 2011 issue of Runner's arrived at my house (SIGH) and its all about cold gear!!

Check it out:

Check it out!! Now it shows cold gear according to the region but the truth is us Texans will wear super cold gear when its 4o degrees...we wont wait for it too be 5 degrees!!!

The good new: they list alot of these things from about $40-160...thats a lot of cash we might not all have so here are some places I go for a cheaper version that still keeps me warm!!

so this vest can be found HERE for $12.99 or if you watch the store as cheap as $5 ( I paid $5 on black friday!!!)

Also- check out their pants...pretty great

$16.50 at Old Navy!!! 

Some things I wont go cheap on:
Socks- a good pair of running socks can be about $10 but its worth it because it protects your feet well.
Running GU or Chomps- yum yum and totally worth paying to fuel with these on runs over 8 miles!
I bough a camelbak recently and it was the best decision I have ever made!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Turn Up the HEAT

SO I am currently making coffee and breakfast after an AWESOME morning run with this LADY!!! Who we should ALL encourage to get her blog going!!! Because she is so talented!

Anyway..back to the point of this post. Is anyone else nuts about turning on the heat? I make this competition with myself to make it as long as possible. I like to believe that since I spent winters in Nebraska as a child in negativve 20...I can handle anything.

However....this insane need to wait has caused me to literally carry around a small $20 space heater from Target like its my blankie and wear socks and ear warmers at all times. Currently the space hearter is sitting on my bar in my kitchen blowing warm air on me...hmm. Not really roughing it huh?>

Anyway back to the original many of you want to run through the winter season but A) its too cold you will freeze your hinney or B) think winter running gear is too expensive? Well I am a wheeler and dealer when it comes to all clothes so check back in the next few days for my winter gear because its totally affordable so get on the Internet and plan a spring race. Maybe you would like to join me for my first ever marathon HERE~~ or do the Rock n Roll Dallas- they have a half marathon and a half marathon relay! That is what the hubs and i plan on doing!!!

Tune in soon!

Have a great day bloggers!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Ok so this is in NO BIG FAT WAY my attempts to be a food blog...I am not that good so don't think-" seriously Dana- now you want to do that!?!"

No- I am not that good but if you want some good food blogs go to Emily and Jennifer because they are my latest obsessions for when I am hungry for some food blog LOVE!!

Anyway this is the blog that contains events of Dana K and the events I do!! So the latest event of my life was this discovery:
Terra and I- love at first sight!!! These are half the calories of sun-chips (150 per serving) and are made from veggies, you get a full serving of veggies as you see above and are a great alternative for that end of the work day, post gym salty craving you may get (like me :))

I am that girl that snacks while she cooks so sometimes when dinner is ready I am no longer hungry...opps! Well these have helped me eat something that doesn't have too many calories and be just enough to hold me over until what I am cooking is done!!!

Happy December!!!