Monday, November 29, 2010

Etsy is my new obsession

Ok so I am not about to say, "hey guys have you ever heard of etsy? You should check it out!"

But I will say, its surprised me how many people don't know about it so I am here to tell you to CHECK IT OUT NOW for creative Christmas gifts and decor!!! Check out what I recently purchased for me and several family members...but Ill only show you mine so I don't spoil the surprise for others!!
OMG isn't it presh!?!
They have all kinds of fonts, colors, edging, distressing, and more...all for a very reasonable price. Then they send you a proof so you can approve first. I was so excited to get it in the mail today!! Check them out by clicking here!!!

I also found this cute baby onesie my niece will probably have to have!!!

Check out etsy for Christmas must haves and original gifts!!

Its Christmas at the Douthit's!!!

WELCOME TO THE DOUTHIT's.... Here are my affordable finds to make our home sparkle with CHRISTMAS CHEER...I know I can come across like tiny Tim...but I love Christmas and good deals even more!

This was one of my black Friday snags that I LOVE!!!
Sparkle wreath- $2.50
Sparkly gold BOW- $2

I was a Kappa at Texas Tech so I have a small obsession with naturally I was over joyed when Michael's had the keys for $1!!! Add some ribbon and tadahh!! An ornament.

Our $30 Walmart tree and presents that I wrapped with ribbon ($.50) and paper ($1.50)
Some more kappa love!!!! ($1)

And last I got the red sparkle bulbs for $1 for a pack of 12 and then the Christmas frame for $4 from Hobby Lobby!!

You can make your home look amazing on a Christmas budget!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday High....

Well I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures and documenting big events...mostly because I get very stuck in the moment...and Black Friday was QUITE the moment...

So I had lots of feelings as I spread the newspaper adds out on Thanksgiving morning. I was getting ready for the trot with my success see below...
Maria, Me, Sister, and was a blast with the 30,000 other Dallasites back to black FRI....
I saw that...
Old Navy opened at midnight
Target opened at 4am
Ulta opened at 6am
and then all my mall stops opened at 8am...

dilemma...since old navy would only talk about 45 min and that would leave quite the gap between old navy and here is what my mom the excellent trooper did:

11pm- 30 min nap
11:45pm- leave for Old Navy
12am- get to old navy just in time to run in with the other crazies and purchase the following for a grand total of $70...7 pairs of warm fuzzy socks, two running vests, one party cardi, one child onsie, one sparkle tank, one wool yes marvel in amazement.

12:45am- finish at target...decide to run to Walmart (not so crazy yet) and purchase a blue ray player with wifi for $80...great purchase momma

1:15am- lots of time and already feeling hit 7-11 for some grande vanilla sugar-filled cappuccinos and pop it gets crazy
1:30am- arrive at Target and join the small line that has we didn't want anything to big...but we are a go big or go home family so we wrapped up in a blanket with our coffee and pop tarts, made new friends, stayed freezing and wide awake for 2.5 HOURS!!!
Are you impressed yet? I was definitely impressed with us!!!
4am- Target doors open and several people try to cut but us troopers yell, "No!!!" and we rush into target!!! I was so proud of my mom and I- we split the list to divide and conquer and we did good. Here is what we got with $650 of savings:

40 inch LCD flat screen: $298
Phillips Ipod speaker doc: $70
2 sets of 700 thread count sheets: $30 (each)
King feather down: $25
Channel Throw: $10
Several movies: $4 (each)
Several TV seasons: $12 (each)
Friends seasons 1, 4,5,10: $10 (each)
Winter gloves: $1.50
Pillows: $20 (amazing!!!)
V-neck t-shirts: $6
Sleep sets: $5

5:15am- drive across town in search for a starbucks because our Target High was wearing off at this point and we weren't sure we would make it. So we drove across Plano and finally found a starbucks...can I get an AMEN!!

5:50am- sit outside of Ulta and wait for it to open...OMG so worth it!! We got great deals on Smash Mouth, Stila, and great stocking stuffers...woot woot!!!

7:am- arrive back to my moms house and CRASSSSHHH....

11am- wake up, see jeff, shower and hit the mall!!

I hit Michael's, Victoria Secret, Gap, Bath and Body Works, and finished all my Christmas shopping but one gift. I did a few online purchases if stores were out of things I wanted and let me just say- it was SOOO worth it!!!!!

Now my apartment is decorated for Christmas- see the awesomeness below:

Lots of Black Friday PRIDE lay in and around that tree!!

Now its time for the post thanksgiving and pre Christmas/Marathon prep diet and work out!!! Tune in for updates on how it goes!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black to the FRIIIIIIIday

I'm toooo EXCITED to SLEEP........

BLACK Friday is in 4 daysssss...o to the mg.

First of all...if you have an one of these! this will let you know the hott deals and the items that all the crazy shoppers will be going crazy like this for:

First: Everyone will be in line at target at 4am for several different HOTT deals on these:

Seriously...they have an LCD 40 inch going for $ that worth no sleep and being up with crazy peeps at DUH!!!!

Still mapping out all my stops...I will put my map and must stops and shopping list here if you are a rookie...I have been doing this for the past 10 years so I have for sure learned a few things!!

Definitely hitting target first for- electronics (the sweet flat screen), $1 and $5 movies (new releases too), Christmas decorations, and kitchen gear

Next probably Ulta or Old Navy for stocking stuffers at Ulta and $5 scarves and 50% coats at Old Navy!!!!!!

Definitely Victoria Secret- they give free totes with every purchase and great sample sizes of their new scents + bras are usually on sale!!

Next we hit the mall and shop by department store....


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black FRIDAY tips and prep..


This Friday will be exactly TWO WEEKS AWAY...can I get a AMEN!!!?!

Ok so how do you prep?

1. Stop shopping and save ALL money you would have spent for black Friday deals!!

2. Check out the "hot items" of the seasons coming soon HERE!!!! To know where to go and what to look for.

3. BUY a news paper Thanksgiving day and you will get the most adds you have ever seen in your life. O.M.G....I heart thanksgiving day adds so much. They are basically fully catalogs...I mean I drool over them when I see the news paper on the front porch.

4. See what your most important items are, the best give aways and then map your course...I know it sounds crazy if you never participate but if you are a go big or go home girl....YOU MUST ADOPT the black Friday ritual. You will never be the same. I typically hit target first because they have the $1 -$10 DVDs and the flat screen that is on sale for like $200 and the camera that is $99 and then I head to the mall and remain there until about 1 in the afternoon.

Places to avoid like the plague unless you are absolutely desperate:

-Kohl's...omg one year I went here for ornaments....big FAT NOT WORTH IT!!! The line was literally wrapped around the store and women were monsters in my nightmares...
-Best Buy...omg these are like the people who wait in line for the dark shadows convention...CRAZY. They camp out all night and you feel like you are part of a can be a fruitful trip but be ready for the experience.
-The Allen Outlet mall...this is a PERFECT place on a regular day but at 12am when it opens...DISAPPOINTMENT. Sales are no different, clothes are the exact same but people are like VAMPIRES.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010


O. m. g...

Its NOVEMBER!! Everything magical takes place during this time of year for me...

I met my husband (insert sign here :) )

Its my birthday

The weather gets coool

Pumpkin spice and peppermint are regular drinks at Starbs

And BLACK FRIDAY IS NIGH.... I love Black Friday and count down for it August 1st.

I love...

the rush

the madness

the intensity

and the DEALS!!!!

I go nuts for Black Friday. I want that hot item women will scale walls, get in fights, and make movies about...simply because someone else wants it.

So stay tuned...I am going to highlight the hot items to be looking for, the best places to go, and tell you the optimal time to get to shops...I have been doing this for 10 years and we map it out Thanksgiving night...its glorious.

In the mean time...check out my fav holiday purchases for Christmas decor. All can be found HERE!

Initial WREATHS!!!!! Love!!! These are $36 but I am going to make mine! I will let you know how it goes and what I did!

OMG AREN'T THESE PRECIOUS!! On sale to purchase and monogram for $25!!!

If you have great holiday sights...DO SHARE!!!