Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wife Wednesdays

Recently, the Officer and I talked about all the stages of his career we have already been through. I also have a lot of questions from wives about joining the police world. Therefore, the Officer and I came up with a new segment that will happen on Wednesdays. Wife letters. Welcome.

Dear Academy Wives,

I hope you love a man in khaki, and big huge books that look similar to encyclopedias we used in the library to do know, before the Internet. The academy is a lot like law school. Only when your husband gets done he will make A LOT less money. Ha ha. You have to be able to joke about it, otherwise you could really camp out on the fact that your husband is getting paid next to nothing to keep the world safe and he is learning very similar things that people learn in law school. One time in the academy, I attempted to talk the Officer into law school. I am blessed that he had so much confidence in the decision to be in law enforcement because he is made to be an officer. Having a happy husband in his career is truly priceless. Remember that. It makes his decision easier.

Officer and I got married while he was in the academy. This meant we got married on a holiday (New Years Day) and he had to go back to the academy the very next day. Man, did he shower me with great things the next day. I had a day at the spa, so if you read this and want to feel sorry for me, DON'T.

The academy year, is a year of dedication and sacrifice. Flash cards, the police alphabet, quizzing him on different scenarios. It's a lot like exam week at college, but encourage him and hang in there. What he is about to do is more noble than the world likes to say. He is vowing to protect and serve. What a life of purpose he is about to be able to lead. Do things to help him always remember how he feels now. Once an officer, it is really easy to become hard hearted and jaded. Pray now that your cadet has empathy for our broken world. Pray that God would give you all he needs to be the best support along the way and to find a way to love what he does. Always find the good.


~an Officer and a Mrs.

Monday, February 20, 2012

two cents on a tuesday.

So lately...I have started many posts lately, but finishing them has been a problem. We have been in a pretty crazy season as I have started working again. My best friend is getting married at the end of this month and my sister is getting married at the end of the summer. Also, the officer has been home a lot ( Which I am so thankful for). I feel like a newly wed in a lot of ways, because I am learning so much about him for the first time. I can't even believe how great he completes me. I know that is super cheesy to say, but we have such complementary strengths that we never knew because we never got to experience them together. Man, that fact is hard.

Being a police wife is so hard for the things you miss. No way around it. Some girls handle it way better than others and that doesn't make them better or worse. It all has to do with your own strengths and personality. I would say I fall somewhere in the middle. My love language is gifts and acts of service. Not quality time. I do feel for those girls because it has to be harder. (But I digress....)

I wanted to share something that has helped me personally understand myself in a way that has also helped my husband understand me. Have you ever taken strengths finder?

O.M.G. I totally recommend it. I must say. I love personality tests and putting people in boxes, so I eat stuff like this up with a spoon, but its still great information to find out even if personality tests are not your thing (I am such a nerd, I know).

It takes about 30 minutes, depending on how much you agonize over the questions. At the end, it will produce your top 5 strengths. It will be your strengths that you currently have or your potential strengths you could develop in the future. Its so interesting.

Without further adieu, I give you my top five strengths: Belief, Achiever, Individualizer, Discipline, and Communication

You get this huge report and a TON of resources on the website for life after you have taken the exam. TOTALLY worth the $15. For a relationship, marriage, work team, or job search this is an awesome tool.

For example, because belief is my number one strength, everything I do is 100%. If I commit to anything, I am usually ALL in. When the officer shares a goal or a dream with me in his career, it consumes me. I think about it, imagine it, dream it and then pray about it to wrap my mind around it. When I have concluded this process I often come to him with a big game plan and he may not even know what I am talking about. He is a dreamer and idealizer. These are the two most opposite strengths so knowing this about each other helps tremendously. I have to remember he might just be processing out loud and he has to remember if he is going to say it I am going to run with it.

~an officer and a mrs.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ha, wow. Did anyone else know this is a song? I didn't. I am way out of the loop on pop culture these days except what the officer and my sister tell me. This song, "Mrs. Officer" is by Lil Wayne. But its about a lady cop, not an Officer's wife. Ha. I got excited for about two seconds thinking, "WE HAVE A SONG?" Ha. No. We do not.

Anyway(Sorry, back to the blog.), Part of the reason I started this blog was because when I became an Officer's wife 3 years ago...there was nothing encouraging for me to read about. NOTHING. ZIP. ZERO. Talk about a depressing and unknown world to enter. Everything I found was discouraging. I know I have said this before, so I am sorry if its redundant, but its an unreached group in the large world of blogging, publishing, and self-help. It shocked me to think in the media stricken world we live in. I can't find a thing to encourage me that life as an officer's wife will be okay. Then I saw our climbing divorce rate, and I realized....that is why. No marriag survives to write about it. Sad reality.

What does that mean to me?

1. I need ALOT-A support. 

First and foremost, from the Lord. He is absolutely #1 and the center of our life. We fail at that miserably at times, but we follow a Lord of grace who makes his mercies new to us every morning (Lamentations 3). He saved us with his death on the cross (John 3:16) and because we believe in him we will have eternal life (John 5:24). Second, from each other, third from our family and fourth, from community. I think community can look like a lot of things, but I think it is essential to growth in Christ and even in marriage. We were not meant to be an island or an island of just the two of you.

2. This blog will be encouraging to you.

Not all the time, because I am human (and a dramatic one if I am being honest), so for that reason you will get some rough posts...but here is a place you will find encouragement to know you can make it. I'm figuring it out as I go. It has not been any easy road by any means. However, the places God has brought me and the strength I have been given to continue are far more satisfying than the scenery along the way.

So stay awhile, and read along about the tails of my journey with the officer.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

School of Rox- 6 months

Your 6 months photo shoot you were not feeling...but looking sooo pretty as usual
You are STANDING in this picture Roxie...STANDING. We have standing play time a few times a day and you LOVE it.

Your First Valentine's Day loot from mom and dad....we are creating a girly girl with your first purse, ring, new bows and a glitter bracelet.
This is what dinner looks like at our house now. Baby food every where!
I took this, because I thought it was so smart of you when you figured out how to hang your sippy cup on your bouncer.

You have graduated out of your carrier to sitting in high chairs and grocery carts when we are out!
Dinner time....I just love this sweet face!

Daddy reads a bible story to you every night and even though most nights you most enjoy banging on the book, every now and then you get into it and it melts our hearts
We just recently started pack n play time, where you have time to play by yourself each day in there and you are so funny during this time. This is what I came into one day.

6 months:
6 month clothes
6-9 month pants
Size 3 diapers

Dr. Stats:
16.11 pounds (60%)
26 inches long (50%)

Updates (this was a productive month!):
You completely sit up
You roll all over to either side 
You get up on all fours and rock all the time
You can push off with your arms and wiggle worm your way to something you want
You CAN sleep 12 hours, but with all the productivity and was a rough month of sleeping and getting you on a different schedule with food.
You nap two times a day now
You LOVE watching older babies play or getting to look at babies
You talk a TON especially in quite situations...(like when mom and dad got their taxes done)
You can stand and lean against your toys
You want to clap so bad and have almost figured it out. I think you will this month
You almost get waving to someone. 
You answer when we say your name!!

You still are a half thumb sucker and hardly interested in the passy anymore. 
You love chewing on your dolly or mommy's iPhone.

Your favorites are peas and sweet potatoes and rice cereal
You HATE peaches and will bear apples
You are allergic to oats and squash...hopefully we will grow out of that.


Every stage with you has been more fun that the one before, while I look at a newborn baby and wish you were that small again, its so fun to see you recognize us more and more, know your name, and be able to learn how to do things. You are HILARIOUS and make these faces that have your dad and I rolling. We feel so blessed that God has entrusted us with you. He is so gracious to give us such a precious little girl. You are beautiful and we just adore you.


momma and daddy

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mrs. Must haves...

To all you Mrs. out there who love an Officer, like me, I am sure you get me when I say you are now an expert on all things protection. Whether its getting a concealed hand gun license, understanding why your friend got a ticket, helping them know the next steps after their identity is stolen, or the classic, "can you get me out of a speeding ticket." (I love that one.)

While it is true, I do know more about the law than I ever would have before. I see the need to protect yourself in a whole new light and I notice sketchy activity while on a leisure Sunday run I wish I never cared to notice. However, this is the life of a Mrs. to my officer.

With that being said, I have acquired a few items and developed a few opinions over the years that I think are important for the amount of time you as a Mrs. most likely spend alone compared to the average Jane. I actually think all Jane's should do these things because then the occasional time by themselves wouldn't be as nerve racking. 

1. Here is what you need to have in your head, "what would you do if..." It used to drive me crazy when the officer would go through all these scenarios with me at night (he is totally an over thinker...aren't they all). It drove me nuts until I realized it made the possibility less scary in the silence of our apartment, the unexpected suspicious noise, or the multiple times the electricity has gone out in our building for more than a few hours while I was by myself

2. Don't move to the next step of life until you are ready. What do I mean by that? Live where you are most comfortable. We still live in an apartment. As much as I like the idea of living in a house, for the amount of time I have always spent by myself, or now with my daughter, I like the idea of walls that back up to other people. I haven't been quite ready for a house so here we stay. For many other reasons too, but my comfort has always been huge. We also never live somewhere were I don't feel 100% safe. 

3. Pepper spray- a good quality can ( and a can-spray attitude to match). It will ease your mind to have some kind of weapon in your hand and usually this will do. Especially if you are not comfortable carrying a taser or a handgun. 

4. Faith- that God has given you everything you need. Until marrying the officer I would have considered myself a total scaredy cat. I could NEVER be alone and never wanted to be alone. I didn't watch scary movies (still don't like them) and if I did I would have to have someone go to the bathroom with me. Marrying my officer has stretched me more than any other area of my life. I did not want to change, but I am SO glad that I am. God has made me so strong, so even if its hard, have faith that he can give you enough strength to do it!

5. Partnership with your officer. You gotta have a man who is in it with you and you have to be in it with him for the long hall. Commitment is everything, no matter what job your spouse takes. Marriage is never easy but being committed simplifies it. When you know you are not departing from your partner it makes decisions easier.

~an officer and a Mrs.