Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions of a Momma to Be

Hi Bloggers,

I anticipate not alot of updates from me until the baby comes. The first tri-mester monster has come back here in the third trimester and taken all my energy and regular appetite.

Many women wear pregnancy really well. They nest, and glow and explore baking and finish the nursery months in advance. To be honest, I always thought this is how I would be. I thought I would be so on top of it and ahead of the game but I am not.

I do the opposite of nest. I used to be a nester. Who had to have everything spick and spam, Decor up on all the walls in the whole apartment within the first week we move in and super wife. Ha. We have lived in our new apartment over a month and all the walls are not done. Laundry has stacked to new heights, changing the sheets on the bed prompts a nap, and i just vacuumed for the first time. YIKES. I cooked one time in the past month. Two bakings....and the nursery. Is a room full of great potential but it is definitely not done.

Old me would not know what to do with this new me. Old me would have probably judged this girl I have currently become but here is why I am so grateful the Lord has taken me through this season. I need help, I am not super woman, and all accomplishments I have had are all because the Lord has empowered me to do so. I am learning its ok to ask for help, and to not have it all together for a facebook album. It's most important that I am ready to shepherd and mother. It isn't about me looking the part, which I realize I really get stuck on, but being the part. I can nap, or rest or get worn out at easy tasks.

I have 7 almost 6 weeks until my due date, and I feel like baby will come early because I keep counting on the baby to arrive right on time and on my schedule. Haha- that is not how life works.

My favorite read right now, that I highly recommend to mom-to-be's to read to prepare your heart for baby is:

Its sooo good. It challenges you to prepare for the things that really matter and she has lots of examples from her own life.
READ it.

So for these next 6 weeks...hopefully I will update when the baby room is done because it really is going to be adorable!

Until then-