Friday, November 18, 2011

Mom of a 3 month old

I wanted to share my update as a mother now for 3 months. As Roxie grows, so do I because this is a brand new journey for me as well.

I keep thinking of where I was a year ago each month because up until December, this time last year I was not pregnant or planning on being pregnant.

At three months, I am back in my old clothes...but that is about the only "old" thing that returns. I am in a new routine with a new self I look at in the mirror.

I realize more than ever my need for our Savior. I am a natural server, but that doesn't make me unselfish. I am a very selfish person still, but a baby shows you how unimportant you are and that there is very little room for selfishness.

I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to protect Roxanne. Its the strangest feeling. Being a scared and cautious person, its weird to be filled with so much strength and courage regarding my daughter.

I catch myself craving freedom some times, wishing I could go to a movie, head out on a run, sneak away with my officer...but that is usually when Rox is sleeping or having a fit, which for her are very short...than she flashes that smile that reminds me so much of her daddy and I am beyond thankful for the gift of her life. I can't believe, STILL, that I am entrusted to raise her and teach her about God. It overwhelms the heck out of me, but has brought me to a beautiful place with the Lord, because I can't do it without Him.

Roxanne, I pray you love Jesus, and that you see the Lord's work in your dad and me. I also pray you know how much I love you. I pray you never doubt the father's love or your momma's love. And if you do one day, I pray that he surrounds you with wonderful people to remind you of his goodness. That has been the sweetest reminder in my life. I love you lamb!


Roxanne Renee's sweet name

This post has been in the works for a long time. I thought I would finish baby girl now that you are sleeping 10-12 hours! You are such a stud!

Roxanne (meaning: dawn, bright, star)

This is one of my most favorite names in the world. First of all its my sister and best friend's middle name and second its my great-grandmother's name who is also the person that lead my mother to know Jesus. She was called, "Roxie". This name is full of spunk and so much legacy. I always liked the idea of having a family name and I was thrilled when Jeff also liked it. Its so special to me to see spunk and personality in my sweet Roxie and know she is carrying quite the legacy with her.

Renee (meaning: reborn)

This is also a name I always have loved and it is my sweet sister-in-law's middle name. Jeff is also very close to his sister and holds her very dear to his heart so it was so fun for us to pick a name with each of our sister's names in it.

Roxie Re, as I often call her, has two strong woman represented in her name that I can't wait to explain to her one day. We thank the Lord every day for our wonderful sisters and legacy in our family.

Jeff and I solidified this name while sitting in the waiting room, before we were admitted to begin the inducing process. You see, we were convinced Fox was a boy...boy were we wrong. It was pretty easy because we both thought it would be so special for our daughter, man did we weep when we saw our baby and that she was a GIRL!!

3 months


You are 3 months here is what we have discovered...

-you are busy and ready to take off but just haven't quite figured out how.
-you love laughing and smiling
-you can hold your head up really strong
-you love sitting up with the big girls
-you love college football (or all the colors)
-you have added Nebraska and Lubbock t0 your world travels

You met your great-great grandmother- this was so special to me that we got to share this moment together.

You now sleep about 10 hours a night and have a nice long morning nap but really only nap in 40 min intervals the rest of the day.

You love music and toys

You might be teething soon considering the amount of drool and how often you put anything and everything in your mouth

You ADORE your hands

You have learned to grab at your mobile, splash during your bath and like to stick things in between your buttons.

You are curious and adventurous and I cant wait to see this play out in your personality as you get older.

You weighed 12.8 pounds at your 3 month mark and we got to share this birthday together. My 25th and your 3 months!! Lunch at Mi Cocina with the girls and you was the best.

I love you and feel like the luckiest mom to spend every day with you!!