Thursday, October 25, 2012

School of Rox- 12-15 months

Fox my love. What an eventful 3 months it has been since your birthday. You have truly developed your own personality and WE LOVE IT. I might say that at every milestone but I really mean it this time.

12 months-
LOTS of...
anger bursts
and also...

With each step you get more sassy you also get sweeter. You are our little sour patch.

At 12 months you switched to milk and completely solids (mom was a little late in the game) and YOU FINALLY STARTED LIKING FOOD. BIG MOMENT.

At 12 months you switched to one bottle a day, the rest of your liquids were whole milk and water.

At 12 months you were 19 pounds and still anemic so we are still doing iron.

At 12 months you stood confidently but no steps, and shakily pushed your push toys...but crawled like a maniac.

Now at 13 months- you started to push your push toys very confidently and you pushed them every where.

At 13 months you began to hate the shopping cart so mom had to get creative.

At 13 months you switched to one 11am nap and then turned into a terror at 6pm.

At 13 months you started saying lots of real words and copping MAJOR attitude. Eye rolls, closing eyes and pushing mom or dad away, throw yourself rolling on the ground tantrums, and scowling at strangers you don't know (probably the funniest).

14 months- magic happened. You sign like crazy- more, all done, milk, thank you, again and please. You say hot, cold, cheese, please, keys, woof woof, puppy, and BOLT. Oh yes love. You are obsessed with Bolt. 

I have to document this story for you, because it was all you. That is the part I love. Oh and we had an allergic week and found out milk was not your thang. You know do almond milk and dairy free happenings.

One day when we thought we were recording one of your allowed morning shows but Bolt was actually showing so we accidentally recorded it and it played. You fell in love. NEVER EVER would you sit still in front of a TV and you fell in love. So I bought the DVD for a car trip and the movie you love but the DVD case is your new bestie. It travels with us, naps with you and is your love. You talk to it, play with it and love it. Its already broken and tattered. In the spirit of this, I am making you a Bolt costume as we speak for Halloween. You are going to be a zebra for your school halloween day and hopefully Bolt for trick or treating.

You unfortunately eat like your dad. This means you dont like flavor. You dont like any sauces, any veggies, and change your mind on meat daily. You still eat squeeze packs of pureed vegetables since this is the only way you will eat them. You would chose your diet to be 100% veggie straws, rice cakes, fruit strips and mandrin oranges if you had your choice. Good thing you dont.

You are also sweet. Oh so sweet. You give kisses, nose kisses, hugs, sweet face touches and cuddles. We have the sweetest moments reading and playing and laughing at the things you talk about and imagine. You are such a talker. My love your dad and I love to be around you and just adore you. What a gift. Thank you for your spunk, boldness, passion, and laughs. You humble me and make me feel more blessed than I ever imagined I would as a mother. I treasure you.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Case of the Tuesdays

Tuesdays really use to get me when I worked full time... at a desk... in an office.

I even obnoxiously loved my job. But Tuesdays. Yikes. Why? I have concurred it is because have SO much of the week left and you are still tired from adjusting back on Monday.

But now as a mom I work 7 days a week and never sleep in since fox wakes at 6:30-7am most days. I don't mind it. I've always been an early riser. I have actually grown to love the early morning because it is such a sweet time for solitude or personal time. Whether its time in my bible, time with God, time with my girl friends at cross fit, time to read, or time to write, or time to take a long shower too. Those were the days right? Anyway early morning can be good. I think the other part I value is the discipline. I am a lover of disciplines. I guess it's the first born in me, but I love doing things that are not easy to do. That looked obnoxious as I just read it. It isn't meant to be. That is just part of my personality. I enjoy being challenged.

All that to say- here are some good, thought provoking reads I found this week to solve a good case of the Tuesdays.
  • As a mom, do you find it hard to live out your childhood dreams? I don't mean the dream of being a mom- I always dreamed of being a mom and I thank God every day for the gift, but the other stuff. The stuff that makes you who you are and the stuff that makes our kids dream and aspire for big goals? I am thankful I had a mom who lived her life. Who traveled, got a masters, learned new trades, mastered several different kinds of careers and all the while was highly involved in my life. I thought this blog was a good jump start on how to focus some goals.

  • Mommy hood can be hard. Have you ever been at a park, or the mall, or anywhere really and wished you would have talked to another mom there alone? I have kicked myself a few times and this made me decide to commit to talking to them in the future.
  • I have been doing cross fit for 6 months and I still cant kip on pull ups. I am watching this in hopes that THIS WILL BE THE MONTH!
  • Read my friend's AMAZING story of how they paid off some serious debt. Inspired by them DAILY.
Happy Tuesday!

~an Officer and a Mrs.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oh. Hello.

Fall=crazyness in our house and August kicked off the crazy.

We have been re-arranging furniture for our ALMOST walking 13 month old and for momma who is sewing and dying for J&R all the time!

We have been celebrating lots of friends birthdays!

We have been enjoying our FIRST bit of cold with fun runs, coffee walks with Aunt Gu that now lives across the street!!

Lots of work events for both the officer and I so we have been having lots of family meetings and communicating to make sure we are on the same page and have child care covered.

We have been getting even more into Cross Fit here. We love it. We drink the koolaide in a huge glass every week. We just cant get enough of it.

Amending Paleo a little bit after the Officer got a high cholestrol report back. But still really enjoying the diet and the recipes I have found. I made this and this for our new paleo recipes this week and cant wait to make these over the weekend.

Its been a harder few months. Juggling it all. Sometimes that green monster creeps in and makes me wish things were different. Or wish that things were "easier". But everyone does that right? The Lord has really been teaching me contentment in ANY season and this book has been a huge resource. Ultimately though I have to find my significance and security in the Lord. Nothing else. Big lesson.

Its been a month of learning as well. My scattered brain has finally put some systems in place and I thank this bestie because she is an organized super mom who is always full of ideas. I tend to be more free-spirited than I ever imagined and really I am often still in denial about it so it creates some issues for me.
I mean look at my little grown up!!? Can you believe!?

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