Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Filled with GLEE!!

Well I jumped on the GLEEwagon tonight and watched my first episode..pretty entertaining. Not sure if I am OBSESSED and ready to tweet and or status update about how i am filled with GLEE but it was for sure good.

But here are my take aways:

1. I was correct when I fell in love with jesse katsopolis 12 years ago!! STILL a hottie
2. BANGS are soooo in!!!

In Glee...and in hollywood...

Bangs...to be or not to be for Dana K....still pondering.

Hope you are have a GLEEful night!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Cookie COOKING DAY!!!

Thanks to this AWESOME DESIGNING WOMAN and the constant make inspiration of this BAKING LADY I made pumpkin cookies today!!! I am not the best of bakers so this is how the kitchen looked in the midst of everything...

Wow...I am not a good baker...I go into this crazy chaos survival mode and create a kitchen looking like this....but no worries after two attempts...

I got THESE!!! So yummy!!

Happy fall!

Luke's locker experience....

Luke's is probably one of my most favorite places on the planet. It has tons and tons of running shoes, GU, chomps, and the best running gear ever!! I have had shoe envy for a very long time and I finally GOT FITTED!! The Officer took me down there and let me run on the track and have someone tell me what the best shoe is and VWAHLA...this is what we ended up with!!

Love them! If you are training for a marathon or a half of marathon go down there immediately!! They know so much and fit you with great shoes.

That's all!


Friday, October 22, 2010

I realize you might not...

Have any idea what I am talking about...


The best way to describe it, that brought tears to my eyes!!!
Meet J Hilburn and what we are all about- this video gave me chills!!!! Check it out HERE!

Or download our Jhilburn app for free to pick complete outfits and see all our products!!

J to the HOTTIE!!!

Hey fans,

I know I know...it's terrible that I haven't posted in about 3 weeks...I've just been so BUSY!!! Having a BALL launching my newest sector of entrepreneurial Dana, J HILBURN!!! I love it! Get your man is some of this YUMMY GEAR!! Pictures of my yummy man to come!

In all seriousness there is nothing like seeing a man wear a standard, off the rack shirt and then seeing him in a custom (affordable) shirt! He looks and feels like a 10. I think we underestimate the value of that for men. Girls love a good outfit, sometimes simply for the shopping experience, but a guy needs to feel good!! MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!

Getcha SOME!!

Love what I do!! I have the best job ever in that I get to make people's wedding dreams come true and now I get to be a part of an AMAZING company!!!