Friday, June 15, 2012

School of Rox- 10 months

Dearest Fox,

Stop it. Stop growing at warp speed and tackling new growth hurdles every day. It doesn't even seem right that another month has passed.

This month was/is defined by quite a bit of chaos in that its been busy. We attended Aunt Gu's graduation from nursing school, had your first lake experience, another night of just you and your dad, SWAM in the pool, went to the lake, went to the zoo, and had your dedication. What special days.

You my sweet love are a riot. You LOVE attention and feed off of people's energy. You are a lot like your parents in that way and we get the biggest kick out of it. I have learned you know how to play games and are such a woo-er. However, you like your alone time too.

You have turned out to be a big stuffed animal/doll girl. This (apparently) is very un-like your mom and very much like your Aunt Gu. You are currently attached/can't sleep without a doll, a pink piggy and a lamb. You put all three of them up to your face, squeeze them tight and bite their noses. All of your stuffed animals when playing get a bite on those and a hug. I also got a bite on the nose this month and that is when I realized it was probably a kiss. You melt our heart fox. Some might say its a bit much that a 10 month old sleeps with 3 "toys" but you didn't pick up on a passy or sucking your thumb so I say go for it. You are definitely grizzly, which growing up for me what a high compliment. You are go big or go home.

New tricks:
-shaking your head yes, although you MUCH prefer no
-one time this month you YELLED no to your cousin when she tried to take your puff. HILARious
-pushing buttons
-pulling open drawers
-open and closing doors
-standing with out holding on to anything for quick little burst
-eating baby granola bars
-drinking out of ANY straw!!

Growth wise you are still in the same clothes and weight- maybe this month.

We love you baby girl. We are approaching your first birthday and plans have begun. I cant believe we are 2 MONTHS away from this day. I have been soaking up every moment with you lately. I am thankful the Lord has given me the ability to slow down and enjoy you even more! We dedicated you to the Lord on June 10th in front of close family and friend Fox and it is my absolute prayer you quickly know the Lord. What a special day it was and you got to do it with your bud Darby. Such a big month!


mom & dad

Aunt Gu's nursing school graduation- 5.20.12
Fox baby dedication- 6.10.12
Passed out after Aunt Gu's honors ceremony. This never happens.
Being silly with dad on Memorial Day at the lake- 5.28.12
The zoo. Not scared at all. 5.25.12
Hanging out at the lake w/Darby (learning to share) 5.27.12
Such a fashionista. always.
SO PROUD of you NAT! 5.20.12
Asleep at graduation
Sippy cup skipped and straw accomplished!!