Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday FAVs- Travels with a newborn and an infant STYLE

Happy FRIDAY!!

So a LONG time ago I mentioned giving more details about traveling with a baby. We have done a lot of this so I thought I would actually follow through and share our FAVs for TRAVEL with BABY!!

1. To MAUI

Our first flight with Rox was when she was 7 weeks old on an 8 hour flight to Maui. Some made read this and think we were are crazy but I would honestly say this was the easiest trip we made with her and therefore I would say that is the best stage to travel. She had her shots and wasnt collic (i think those two factors can be game changers) and was still in that super sleepy phase. I researched quite a bit and here is what we embarked on this 8 hour flight with:

Ergo baby carrier (I carried Roxie in this through the airport and until we got on the plane)
Breast Pump (I 100% pumped at this point)
12 hour bottle cooler- this was the best one i found and all the bottles made it to our hotel 10 hours later
Boppy- GAME changer
10 diapers
Travel wipe pack
disposable changing pads
disposable burp cloths
2 passies
one outfit change
one shirt change for momma
2 rattle toys
1 soft blanket

This may or may not seem like a lot to you but each item was necessary and we used it. I pumped 2wice on the flight and Jeff, Fox and I slept for 3 hours together and then Rox slept for a couple other spurts thanks to the boppy. It was so nice to secure her in this and each take a break or enjoy a drink or snack. This flight both ways went almost flawless. Just a few fussy moments! We had a blast.

If you travel with a baby I would look up local rental companies because we rented a crib, jogger stroller, swing, and beach tent for 7 nights for only $140 dollars. They were all clean (although I additionally cleaned them and brought our own sheets) and super easy. We laid by the pool every day and had Rox in the jogger with this fan that I found on amazon. Also a game changer. Now we use it on jogging trails and in the car.

2. Nebraska

My mom and I went to Nebraska when Fox was 10 weeks old. This was such a fun trip to do with my mom and we got to take a 5 generation picture with Roxie since my great grandmother is still alive.

I packed the exact same way and this flight was only 2.5 hours. Super easy and went just as well both ways. I also forgot to share that I bought a bag like this for her car seat and car seat bag to go on. It has been so worth it since we have flown three times with Roxie so far.

3. Lubbock, TX

This one I did with my parents. We went and visited my sister who is in her last year of nursing school at Texas Tech (Wreck em). Fox did great. We stopped two times in our 6 hour drive. Both times I fed her, changed her and let her squirm around a bit. I brought some good visual sound toys I could distract her with when she got tired and I also used my car seat canopy so she could nap when it was really sunny out.

4. New Mexico

This trip was so fun but challenging because Fox is and was at this point rolling all over the place and not quite crawling. I carried her in the bjorn and had only one bag total. I did a back pack after reading this post here (since it was just me) and was so glad I only carried that. So I looked like this in the airport.

It was a good time. I carried a water bottle and took sips when I can, because when you do not get your 7 month old a seat and hold her the whole flight, be prepared to never eat or drink for the whole flight.

I carried:

-This changing pad that held everything I need. Wish I would have had this for my first flight.
-One outfit change (we used this the second we got to the flight because Fox had an explosion that went through the bjorn while we were in fun!)
-4 toys I strapped all on one ring so I could pull them out easily
-4 bottles (on the way back she drank 13 ounces which is not normal for a 2 hour setting but it kept her happy and settled
-teething cream
-baby food
-a blanket

This was by far my most tricky trip but we survived it!

Those are our FAV travel items with baby!!

~an Officer and a Mrs.