Monday, June 24, 2013


I was having a moment.

You know the kind where your mind sneaks away from you. You know you are entertaining an idol that you shouldn't but you to tell yourself its ok.

I was looking at houses. Gah. Such a trap for me. But I said to my brain, I am just looking. We have a few sets of close friends looking, and looking with them or for them is no trouble for me, but as soon as I look at them for myself...trouble. I trick myself into all the reasons why we should get one, when reality shows its just not time. This type of thinking leads me to more "stuff" that I need.

Then, I felt sorry for myself. Valid. Craziness.

Then in my selfish, self-pitiful moment officer walks in with Starbucks. A hard day = Starbucks he says.  He then heads back out to his night full of work.


The Lord humbles me so often in the way he tenderly shows me how I'm COMPLETELY missing the point.

And tonight, a tall decaf pike roast was the little blessing to remind me how I have SO much more than I need. HE has blessed me greatly.